Welcome to the Justin Museum of Military History.  The Museum contains, or will when completed, collections of original articles, and links to other materials online, pertaining to the history of military conflicts, tactics, strategies, endeavours, organizations, personnel and equipment of all eras.  Each topic of study will have its own collection containing exhibits of pieces relevant to the topic.  Where any given Exhibit or Piece is properly includable in more than one collection, it will be linked to from both collections.  Collections will be grouped by various aspects, including era, conflict, nationality, service, equipment type, organization type and so on.  Visitors are welcome to submit reccomendations for links or to provide contributions of their own pages or information for inclusion in Exhibits.  Please Browse and Enjoy.

American Revolution Collection A collection of biographies and histories regarding the American Revolution

Hall of Conflicts  Collections containing the histories of the Armed Conflicts in Human History

International Military Hall  Collections exclusively regarding the Military Services of the World

Korean War Hall Collections of biographies, histories and more regarding the 1950 to 1953 Korean War and post war periods

Memorial Collection, Collection of Memorials to Servicemen who fell in War

Military Biographies Collection A collection of historical biographies

Military Oral History Collection A collection of anecdotes, biographies, unit histories and photographs by veterans and their families.

United States Military Hall  Collections exclusively regarding the United States Military Services

Veteran's Hall, Collection of Veteran material with message post board, reunion, unit alumni links, looking for information and veteran search links

War Industry Collection, Exibits regarding War Industries and Workers

World War Two Hall, Collections Regarding the Largest War in History

Justin Museum Library, Books Related to the Museum Collections

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Janes Online, Military Analysis and Data Collection Publication Website

Oha's History Related Links, Numerous Links on Military History

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