Biography of Vic Olsen

CCCMan, Company 937, Washington

     Vic Olsen served in Company 937 in Washington State. There he was badly injured in a dynamite blast accident. Company 937, like many CCC Companies, utilized dynamite in their conservation efforts to blast rock for road and other construction projects. Many CCC men were injured or killed in such blasts as a result, one of many types of dangers the CCCers faced in their hard but important work.

     Mr. Olsen's injuries were severe enough to end his CCC enlistment. His injuries did not, however, stop his interest in the Civilian Conservation Corps and their goals. Together with his Wife, Mae, he undertook to make certain that the CCC would not be forgotten. Mr. Olsen was project coordinator while Mae gathered all the needed information to form the first ever C.C.C. Museum.

     Mr. Olsen also helped form the first National CCC Alumni organization. He continued to run the Museum until he recently passed away. However in his memory, his CCC Interpretive Center, located in Deception Pass State Park in Washington, continues to honor the CCC and its members as well has educate today's generation as to the goals and achievements of that great organization.

----- Mae Olsen



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