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Ang Bailey@aol.com --- Henry Grady Robinson, 7th Army 3rd division and then 11th Chemical Maintenance Company, looking for Capt. Albert (C?) Gallager from the 11th Chemical Maintenance Co. and Johnny Adrien from that same company, both of whom he thinks were from somewhere near Bronx, New York. Gallager would be in his 80's while Adrien would be about 78 or 79.

hfd4541ny@aol.com --- Hi I'm looking for info on the 101 327 glider

TESUR01@AOL.com --- are there any others from my dads unit--348th Combat Engineers who served in it during Normandy and after-who are looking to connect?

VSam646469@aol.com ---  Hello, I am interested in Water Supply Battalions. If you were a part of one please reply, particularly the 487th. My husband was second in command and later in command of the 1375 th Regiment that was on the ship that was turned around and went back to New York after they had just finished the ETO. The reason was tha t Hiroshima was bombed and they were going to Okinawa.

Noseynoose@aol.com --- William Howard Millholland, of Chattannooga, TN. is looking for anyone associated with the 14th Air Force, Kunming China, 1989th QM Truck Co. He lost touch with alot of "old buddies" and if anyone reading this should have anything in common with this, he'd love to hear from you.

KSURN@aol.com--- if anyone has any information on the 31st or 1st Medical Companys, Utah Beach and later, or Oliver Louis Mazzaferri, please feel free to email me. I would be very interested in talking with you!

klaw2291@aol.com --- My great great uncle was in the first wave in Normandy. If anyone knew Willy Reed i would appreciate a reply, thank you

Jimbet1207@aol.com --- thank you for answering my inquiry. I am looking for information about Pvy. Kenneth Harland Gassert Killed 1/21/44 on the Rapido River.

Griffhvac@aol.com  --- I would like to post for anyone wwho was in Co C 398th Infrantry 100th Division in Germany from Feb 26, 1945 t0 May 29, 1945 and Clifford Griffin (Clifford may have been wounded in action on April 14, 1945 after seeing action at a place near Willsbach, Germany where he was awarded the Bronze Star (for action near Willsbach)

LWadd78362@aol.com --- Jessie Leatherwood. He was in WW2 and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or was in the 9th Infantry Regiment A Company 2nd division. He was also a member of Indian Head second to none.

evab385642@aol.com --- Corporal Matt Helreich served in the 644 Tank Destroyer Battalion in Belgium, France, and Germany. He was in Germany and helped liberate the victims at the concentration camps. If you are familiar with this Battalion, I would appreciate it.

HIGGS234@aol.com ---  I would love to hear from anyone who was in the 109thInfantry 28th division. My Dad was Paul J. Conway.

famjustin@aol.com --- looking for anyone who served with, Michael F. Danzi, in the 93rd Field Artillery attached to the 5th and 7th Army of General Patton. Michael was at Anzio Beachhead and won a Bronze Star.

KalSpoild@aol.com ---  My father, Richard A. Litherland, WW2 navy veteran who was on one of the ships that was hit by the japs in Pearl Harbour. I recall he was on the Pennsylvania. I know Johnny Carson also was on his ship at the time as a shipmate.! He had a picture of him and the crew- and there was Johnny-In the front ,middle row. I'd like to talk to those who may have been on his ship.

DavidHorst@aol.com --- Having served in the US Army Reserves for 14 years, I have had many conversations with Vietnam Viets about "foxhole religion". I am interested in anyone's thoughts as to the role of God and Christ during their years in the service, especially wartime.

LHL112751@aol.com --- Thank you for your e-mail. I am interested in any correspondence that may lead to finding anyone who served with my dad on Okinawa. He is still living and has treasured memories of WWll. I would love to be able to locate some of his war buddies for him. He served with the 8th Air Force Headquarter Squadron at Kedenna Air Strip in Okinawa. He was Crew Chief on a P47. He was there from mid 1945-mid 1946. He shared a tent with Charles(Chuck) Walton from Washington, D.C., Gene Diamond from New York, and Johnny Yarger from Ohio. My dad's name is William Richard(Dick) Hay from Huntsville, Alabama. Thank you for any information.

remaxav@aol.com  or remaxav@airmail.net --- 3rd Army, 76th Infantry, 385th Regiment, Co.A, Weapons Platoon. I've been trying to contact some of my old squad. If any of the old gang reads this, I'd like to hear from them. I was known as "Red" Themar.

TLGreene@aol.com --- My Father Cecil Martin Greene was a signalman aboard an LST was apparently wounded in the D-Day invasion. I would love to know more of the details of the LST. At what point did the LST's join in the invasion? Was it only a day later of were they in with the waves that stormed the beaches on the first day? Anyone who could give me any information on the above or Cecil Martin Greene from NC I would appreciate it.

JessB@aol.com  --- Looking for any one who was in M Co 15th Inf, 3rd Div. who made the invasion of North Africa. My platoon was watercooled 30's We had little resistance on initial landing.

LesLeraan@aol.com --- Looking for anyone who knew Donald Warren Hanson who was in WWII and was wounded, hospitalized in France, a drill sergeant and a medal with "oak leaf clusters"

cosmetic@gte.net --- 2LT Cilio S. Guerriere was a pilot with 52nd Pursuit Sqdn, 32nd Pursuit Grp, Antilles Air Cmd, 6th AF, France Field, Panama during WWII. He was killed in a crash near Penenome, Panama 2 Jan 42. Looking for anyone who may have known him or served with him. I believe he trained at Tuscaloosa,Alabama shortly before that period as he was only 22 years old.          

edjones@erols.com --- Seeking anyone who knew,served with or knows the whereabouts of Edward F.Morgan who entered US Army in 1943, hometown at time of inductioin was Conshohocken, Pa, reportdly sent to S.Pacific (Signal Corps) reported MIA about 1943-1945 from Rendova Island. All efforts so far proven futile to locate him, possibly he returned after being reported MIA and vanished from sight. We have a PI looking for him and no luck yet,his homestate reported to be New York. He was tall,blonde,blue eyes. had mother, father & sister and uncle . He does not appear on lists of MIA or dead for states of Pa and or NY.

michelle@cogbox.com --- Looking for information on Merritt Michael DeCol. We thought he was killed on Normandy Beach, but so far we cannot find KIA or MIA or purple heart records. We know he was in the Army. We have heard that he may have been transported to a hospital in England. I have not records or photos or anything. I don't have a social Security Number or Birth Certificate. I think I can track down a Birth Certificate. He was born in Minnesota.

bob@dp.net --- BOUGANVILLE MARINES! Would like to hear from any Bouganville 3rd Marine that might possibly have known my Uncle, Pvt Martin Botsko, USMC. He served with B Co. 3rd Reg. 3rd Marine Division & was from a small town in Western Penna located about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh named Van Voorhis, Pa. I'm not sure what Battallion # or what Platoon he served in but I have heard that he served in a heavy weapons platoon as a machine gunner. He took part in the invasion on 1 Nov and was WIA during the night of 6-7 Nov,1943 & died of these wounds on 7 Nov.

tommy@eurekanet.com --- My father served with US army from 19442-45.He was stationed in Knettishal, England from1943-45.He was in 387th.bomb squad-562nd squadron. He loaded bombs on B-17 bombers. Would like to have contact with ex-service men who served with him. He is still living and still working every day at age 77.

ANDIHSN84@aol.com --- My great-grandfather, French R. Craig from Cincinnati, Ohio, was in WW2. I know he recieved a few medals of honor an done or two purple hearts. If anyone who reads this remembers him please mail me.

RcBrun111@aol.com --- My last assignment was with the 106th Division 423rd Regt. Anti-tank Co. Germany during the Battle of the Bulge. I was also a POW in OFLAG XIII B near Hammelburg. Anyone from those units or wanting info on same please mail me.

lucky@adelphia.net --- My father, Leslie Russell Fales, died in 1947. He was a Merchant Marine. He had one brother, Jack Wetherbee, who served in the US Navy during WWII; and two sisters, Anita & Juanita Wetherbee. I think they were raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His parents in obit were Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Wetherbee. I also found out that his parents were Harvey & Clara Fales. I do have a half-sister, Leslie Ann Fales, who I believe may have been raised in Grand Rapids. I want to meet my fathers family as they are my family too and I feel as though part of me has been missing all my life. If someone knows any of my relatives, please let me know so I can contact them.

michelle@cogbox.com --- My 'grandpa,' was born in Minnesota and was in the Army during WWII. SSgt., I believe. Possibly out of Louisiana? Merritt Michael Bertholf married Syble ? and that is my dad's mom. She has since passed away. Anyone with info on Merritt Michael Bertholf please email me.

dodgeboy1947@aol.com --- My grandpa Frank Kadas served in 565th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Mobile) - an anti-aircraft batallion - in Patton'ss Third Army. He would like to get in touch with men from that unit. They have a reunion every year and he would like to let them know. If you can come up w/ any sites I that could help me I would sure appreciate it.  Looking too for Cosmo Grillo, a friend, of Baltimore MD.

RcBrun111@aol.com --- I am attempting to locate Lt. Styron, Executive Officer of Anti Tank Co, 423 Regt, 106th Division.

CLEAHMAN@aol.com --- My Father was 1st Lt. and later Master Sgt. Leahman. He went to OCS at what was then Camp Lee in Petersburg, VA. He was a 1st Lt. when he and my mother met and married. They went to Walla Walla, Washington and then when he got orders for Africa she went back home to Petersburg. While in Africa (Tunisia or Dakar) from what she recalls he was with an Airborne unit and was with Air Command or something called ATC as best she can remember. . He got out of the service when he got back. He later rejoined as a Master Sergeant. We ended up in Germany in the early 50's where he helped rebuild the transportation system in Heidelburg, Germany. Moved from there to Monterey, CA then to Panama in the early 60's. If anyone who reads this knew Lt. or Master Sgt. Leahman please write.

MMCJ@aol.com --- Here's the Army outfit: 83rd Infantry, 331st Division, Company H. The location is Toise, France. The date is August 7, 1944. My brother who was a Staff Sergeant was killed on that day and I would like to hear from anyone who was in that unit, or in that place.  If you ever see this in your scanning, let me know. I am interested in hearing anyone from this unit. Thanks

Galah@AOL.com --- To Anyone who knew T/Sgt. Benton Earl Lowry, Sr., (15331444), 8th Air Force, 91st Bomber Group, 323rd Bomb Squad, who was killed when his plane was shot down near Bad Munder, Germany, Jan. 11, 1944. I would like to hear from anyone who has any personal remembrances of my dad. Thank you.

silvisf@webtv.net --- My father Clyde R Silvis who was stationed at Shiftham Air drome England 1943 thru 1945  and is looking for any info and or web sites concerning 8th aiir force 44th heavy bomb group in and around Norwich England (Answer here with Reunion Info too - 44th Bomb Group Veterans Association)

LILNASSAU@aol.com --- My brother, Robert Nassau, an Air Force officer, went down with all hands on the Paul Hamilton. Do you have any ideas on how I can get more information of any kind concerning this event? Any advice would be appreciated.

Nia 28@aol.com --- I'm trying to get a picture of the a ship the USS Sterrett CG-31. Or any pictures of Subic Bay Naval Station

jemerick@educator.mci.net --- I am looking for members of the 824th Amphibian Truck Company who were stationed at Parang, Mindanao in the Philippine Islands during World War II. I am an American History teacher at Hoxie High School in Hoxie, Kansas. One of my fellow teachers is Filipino. When he was a small boy, he lived with American soldiers of the 824th at Parang from April, 1945, until July, 1945. We want to reunite Benny, the Filipino, with the men who "adopted" him all those years ago. Can you help us? The 824th had white officers and Black enlisted men.

j_acheney@email.msn.com --- My husband who is in the Canadian Navy has just been recently given a lantern from the last merchant marine ship to go around Cape Horn. We were wondering what the name of the ship might be and when it sailed around Cape Horn.

Some1anon@aol.com --- I am interested in reading info about 28th OMS Ellsworth AFB SD

brook112@tds.net --- My grandfather Wallace Bowie was on the USS Ingraham April 1 1941 in Okinawa. I'm trying to find out when he went in and when he got out, and his rank.  Any information you could provide would be highly appriciated. His name was Wallace Bowie, No middle name, and he was in the Navy, somewhere between 1941 and 1945.

areese@internetmci.com --- Looking for information on the whereabouts of Albert Howard Knox or his family.  He was a crew member of mine in the 457th Bomb Group in World War II.  He was from Colorado. His father's name was Albert and his mother's name was Margaret.

filardo@intuitive.co.uk ibis06@aol.com filardo1@aol.com --- My father S. Carl Filardo, is looking for Robert I. Lord, who was his commanding officer in the U.S. Marine Corp in World War II in Company B, 3rd Battallion, 3rd Marine Division, Guam. Do you know of him, please?

dselders@uswest.net --- Our family oral history says a cousin,, last name "Selders" was lost on the USS Spence - DD 512, in a Typhoon, December, 1944. I seek verification, details, his full name, and the circumstantial reports on the storm, the ship's mission, and the loss of the ship and crew.

dselders@uswest.net ---  I was personally in the Septembeer 1945 Typhoon in the Pacific, aboard LST, I believe 1044, or possibly 226. We survived an awesome experience. Admiral Buckmaster, aboard a Cruiser, was commanding escort of our flotilla of nine LST's, also accompanied by some LCI's. The pontoons we were carrying, and all topside gear were stripped from the LST's by the typhoon. I seek detailed information on that storm, damage, losses, circumstances, etc.

dselders@uswest.net --- I seek detailed information on daamage inflicted on U S Third Fleet by two Pacific typhoons - (1) December 1944 (2) September 1945. Please direct me to available sources for this desired information.

mseals@gte.net --- I am looking for a book about the 8th Air Force, 100th Bomber Group. The title of the book is "Century Bombers, The Story of the Bloody Hundredth(100th Bomb Group) published in Norfolk, England. It contains personal accounts of American pilots, namely, my husbands Uncle Mr.. Trafford Curry, shot down in World War II.

ahscpa@bellsouth.net --- I'm trying to gather information on my father. He served with Company F, 8th Regiment 4th Division, World War II. His name is Alton Howard Stephens. If anyone knows of him or can share information about his company, I would surely appreciat the information. Thanks in advance.

marionbailey@email.msn.com --- I am researching British cruise travel history - personal stories, photos, history of cruise lines any help would be much appreciated.

normworks@cafes.net --- I am very interested in finding any info on the 69th Div especially at the Elbe River link up with the Russians.


Sgpethak@aol.com --- Looking for information on the S.S.Robin Goodfellow which was an armed merchant vessel sunk in the south atlantic during ww2, my Uncle died aboard this ship and I was looking for some source after all these years to describe the circumstances and location of it's sinking and photos of the ship and crew if possible...can you help?

jmoran@janics.com --- I am searching for personnel casualty lists for ships damaged or sunk during battles around Guadalcanal or during the Aleutian Campaign from 15 November 1942 until about the middle of 1943. This is part of a massive undertaking to list all World War Two naval casualties, both killed in action and wounded. Any help would be appreciated.

N3DVLHAM@aol.com --- Would like to get in touch with any one who served in the 1262nd Engineer Combat Bn; Camp Shelby, MIssissippi, England, France and Germany from October 1944 to March 1945. Ted Hallidy, T/Sgt, BSO

n3413@livenet.net --- I have a relative who served in I-Corp 3rd L.A.S. aviation detachment as a helo mechanic from Sept 51 thru Nov 52. the unit conducted routine fixed wing (spotting) and helo special operations in the vicinity of wegibon, chowlau to taegu. Any information on a unit identification badge/ aircrew device ect would be appreciated. I'm building a shadow box. Thank you

AMckune330@aol.com --- Do you have any idea on where I could get a copy of the navy "rocks and shoals" that could be framed? I found it on the net under navy historical web page but would like to frame a copy for my uncle who was on the USS Evans during WW2. Thanks for any info you may have.

GCKSSK@mediaone.net --- I have a sailor's knife. Handcarved on the handle is "1900 Monongahela, Chesapeake, Newport, Indiana 1902." The knife was given to me in the settlement of my Uncle John's estate USNA class of 1937. His father also completed a Navy career. Do you have any hints as to the knife's inscription? I am presuming a significant cruise by a four ship squadron. Is the "Dictionary of American Fighting Ships" online anywhere? Thanks

cfobrien@northnet.org --- My father was at Omaha Beach on 6/6/444, serving on LST 5. I'd like to find out more about his ship and any surviving shipmates. Any advive or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Lacam@sonet.net --- Looking for anyone who might havee served with my dad in the Phillpines. All I can tell you is that he was in the Navy serving as a Yoeman 2nd Class. His name is Dewey Wayne Reed from Mt. Hope, Alabama.

Rain_Bear@ACAD.FANDM.EDU --- I am looking for a good picture oof the USCGC Point White. My husband was on that vessel while in the Coast Guard in Viet Nam. I am trying to do a page for him and I know he would like to have this picture on it.

DUNN31962@aol.com --- I was just wondering if anyone would be able to send me some info on the USS Eisner DE 192?

bud@tenforward.com --- All Merchant Seamen who serverd dduring WW II should be aware that their Veterans service time has just been extended to Dec.31,1946 like that of all other veterans of that war. They can get the required information off this website; http://tenforward.com/bud/ If more info in needed they can email me at; bud@tenforward.com or at; bud_98382@yahoo or at; budSchmidt@netscape.net. Harold F. Schmidt Sr. Pres: Juan de Fuca Chapter- Am.Merchant Marine Veterans P.O.Box 246 Carlsborg, Wa. 98324-0246


jefe@netins.net --- I'm looking for any info anyone may have on Daniel Joseph Daly, the recipent of two Medals of Honor! Thanks! (posted 12/27/98)

vhelander-heiser@district125.k12.il.us --- We are seeking information about the SS Exchequer and its crew who served during World War II. My father-in-law, Nelson Napp, is anxious to connect with some of his former military friends. (posted 1/3/99)

jharris@cis.net --- was told that in 1961 uss coronis traveled to astoria washington, and from there traveled to vancouver wa. where she was decommissioned and was sold in 1961. 1965 she became a merchant vessel the "trailer princess". would either like to verify or disclaim. any info would be of great help. am attempting to help gather research material for patrick clancey at HTTP://metalab.unc.edu/hyperwar. (posted 1/3/99)

Mud 62 nel@aol.com --- I appreciate anyone who emails me and lets me know other sites on the AF. My brother flew Miss America 1944 from Topeka, Kansas, where it was built, to Italy. My husband is in the process of building a B24H and is looking for the nose art on the Miss America '44. Do you have anything that you can email to me about Miss America '44? If so, I would appreciate it. Thanks again for contacting me. (posted 1/3/99)

bjames@atlanticmarine.com --- I am trying to locate info on the hull numbers of the Liberty ships later used in the Navy's of the world. I have located an excellent Liberty ship web site, but it does not have the Navy names of these ships. We are assembling the history of these vessels as many were built in Mobile Alabama at the local shipyards. (posted 1/8/99)

squeak@kalama.com --- Hi I am looking for information on a merchant marine lost at sea His name is Howard Stanley Rivet born Feb 1916 no marriage that we know of lost at sea may 25, 1942 at sea . We are told in the north atlantic (posted 1/21/99)

bourbonnaisarmy@hotmail.com --- my father Anthony James Bourbonnais. HHe was aboard the SS.Poet that disappeared in October of 1980. If you can assist me in my search for information about my father or his ship, any documents or anything leading to me finding answers about the SS.Poet, I would greatly appriciate your effort. My e-mail address is bourbonnaisarmy@hotmail.com. If you are not able to help me could you please tell me where I can find resources to assist myself. To whomever reads this, thank you (posted 1/24/99)

wgriggs@snowhill.com --- Can you tell me how to find out informmation on a Naval ship that supposedly sunk during WWII? The name that I was given was "The Leslie M. Shaw" that is all I have to go on at the present time. Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. (posted 1/24/99)

spanma@iol.it --- I hope in your help to obtain informattion on US sailors that visited my city, Cagliari in Sardinia in any time, particularly in 1940-50s, and can write me descriptions of the city. (posted 2/2/99)

Pkescout@aol.com --- I am the daughter of a WWII - Europe Veteran who was a POW. I am trying to find information on Camp Miles Standish. This is the camp he returned to in Apr - May 1945 timeframe. Appreciate any help you might have. (posted 2/21/99)

FERAN@colloquium.co.uk --- our family are looking for any informaation on our brothers ship that he sailed on in the merchant navy it was named the " Laerentian Forest " we have lost all the photo's that we had and are searching the web for any information, it sailed from Glasgow and visited such ports as Sydney, South Africa where he now stays hope you can give us a few pionters for our search. (posted 2/21/99)

venus@ij.net --- I am trying to find information on the USS Hundley that was stationed in Scotland in 1964. (posted 2/22/99)

BCHAPMAN@clarityconnect.com --- My father "Arthur Chapman" was killed aboard The USS Belleau Wood on Oct 30,1944. I would be interested in any information concerning the event. I would be interested in communicating with anyone that might have known him. Thank you for any help that you can give. (posted 2/23/99)

pokey@dfw.net --- I have been looking for pictures of the USS NEW ORLEANS LPH 11. If you have any or know of any links that might have some, please reply. (posted 2/27/99)

lendon@tinet.ie --- Have you ever heard of Victoria City, sunk in 1940. I think she was a merchant vessel either British or perhaps ( with that name ) Canadian? (posted 3/7/99)

C.C.Jordan@worldnet.att.net --- Looking for contact with or informatioon on George Jennings, who served with 600th Bomb Squadron, 398th Bomb Group in World War Two, for a buddy in the unit. Thanks. (posted 3/10/99)

bjohnson@utec.net --- Looking for any info or links on the 402nd BG that was based on guam in 1945 ? Thank you. (posted 3/15/99)

kvle@pcrs.net --- Trying to find information on the USSs Oglethorpe AKA 100, (?) a ship my dad served on around 1954. particularly would like a photograph. i would greatly appreciate any websites or titles of reference materials, books, etc., that contain info & photos of this ship. (posted 3/15/99)

kvle@pcrs.net --- Looking for photo and information on the USS Baltimore CA 68. (posted 3/15/99)

psword@juno.com --- I am looking for information on the USS Pensacola (CA24) during WWII. (posted 4/8/99)

chipn@ffrnc.com --- We are looking for information on the SS Merrimack around the year 1824, any information would be helpful or suggestions on where to look. (posted 4/19/99)

judylw@worldnet.att.net --- My dad was on the Neosho just before PPearl Harbor was attacked. I'm trying to find out if anyone is still around who was also aboard then (and on 12/7/45). His name was Bill White. He would have been a Quartermaster 1st class. Thanks. (posted 4/24/99)

DWord72623@aol.com --- Where would I find info about unit hisstory, 7th army 10th infantry 1944? My father won the silver star and I am trying to find a copy of the citation writen by his commander and a history of the 10th.Any idea of where to look? (posted 4/25/99)

kbryant@icdc.com --- I need to find out what song was beingg played aboard the USS Missouri while the Japanese were surrendering. (posted 5/8/99)

andrews75@cwcom.net --- I am trying to find any information abbout an American Brig called "HATTIE" from Boston. The Captain's name was A.L.Small. The year was 1887. This was an American merchant ship. (posted 5/14/99)

RPhipps256@aol.com --- I am looking for general information aand photographs on USS Pivot MSO 463. (posted 5/19/99)

mattmerchmarine@webtv.net --- I am Historian North Atlantic Chapter American Merchant Marine Vets(AMMV) located in Bayshore, N.Y. If anyone needs assistance in obtaining information concerning relatives or family that served in WWII feel free to contact me at the above e-mail. (posted 5/19/99)

judylw@worldnet.att.net --- My dad was on the Neosho just before Pearl Harbor was attacked. I'm  trying to find out if anyone is still around who was also aboard then (and on 12/7/45). His name was Bill White. He would have been a Quartermaster 1st class. Thanks. (posted 5/20/99)

RacinYank@aol.com --- I am looking for any one from the 2/133/1 USMC. I am particularly interested in talking to anyone who served on/around the TU CAU BRIDGE and the 3/27th USMC C. P. during June and July of 1968. BUT, I would like contact with anyone! (posted 5/21/99)

AJa8824653@aol.com --- Do you have any information concerning the U. S. S. Lincoln, a World War I troop ship sunk by a German U boat 400 miles off the coast of France? My father was a seaman on the ship (posted 6/3/99)

mir@konnections.com --- We are looking for the USS Quapaw, commmissioning on May 6, 1944, in Calif.. Our father was on it during WW II, trying to find some information, can you help us? (posted 7/27/99)

rscott@peninsula.starway.net.au --- My father was a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy and recently passed away and we are looking for a simple epitaph to include on his head stone, with a Naval Theme. Is there any traditional naval terms that would be suitable? Thank you for your assistance in our search. (posted 7/27/99)

bubba@ih2000.net --- Michael Burr Halphen served aboard thee USS GREENWICK BAY AVP41 and the USS CORSON AVP 37, posibly others. I do remember pictures that were taken in Japan and the Phillipines. I would dearly love to find out more about these ships and maybe even some pictures of these ships and his and their service. (posted 7/30/99)

Cruise1@together.net --- My father, Thomas W. Malone, served inn the merchant marine, USAT and MSTS for over 33 years. He was captain of many troop ships in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. He's gone now, and wasn't a salty story teller. He said living a sea life was enough - Why talk about it when you're home. I'm looking for any stories on the USAT Parker, USAT Imperial, and dozens of MTST ships that he was captain of. (posted 8/16/99)

stepheng@tigerpaw.savstate.edu --- I'm preparing a history lecture and I''m looking for the names of the U.S. Navy's first Black Senior Chief Petty Officer and first Black Master Chief Petty Officer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! (posted 8/16/99)

unkled@iquest.net --- My Brother John Braun is looking for aa couple Army Buddy's John Long and Stanley Page that served with him in the 237-239th General Hospital Unit Arlon Belgium 1944- 45. If you are them or know of or about them please let me know. (posted 9/2/99)

WBall49265@aol.com --- I am trying to contact anyone assignedd to the 97th Bomb Wing, 342nd Sqdn, stationed at Biggs AFB, El Paso, Texas in 1955 and 1956. I asm a retired AF Sgt, retired in 1963. Recently learned a pilot I flew with in 1943 was in that oeganization and was killed in plane crash (B47) Trying to learn more about it. (posted 10/14/99)

HummelAD@pearlharbor.navy.mil --- I am from the Diosdado Rome Galley. Heere is my question/request: This galley was dedicated to a MSC Diosdado Rome who stood his ground while engaged with the enemy on the USS New Orleans (CA-32) in WWII, He died in November 1942. We used to have a plaque here depicting his career and accomplishments. It is lost now, we here at the galley want to make a new one to honor his heroic deeds. What I need to know is any information about him I can get. Or where to get it. (posted 10/14/99)

t.phillips@tnp10.med.navy.mil --- I am a Navy Hospital Corpsman I was woondering if you could help me find out what a "Bull Ensign" is in the Navy and where it came from (year etc.). (posted 10/30/99)

hmarston@imcnet.net --- I make this request on behalf of a friend. He seeks info from anyone who knew Donald E. Mudge or contact with survivors of the 1299th Combat Engineer Battallion on any other one in or around Hiroshima or Nagazaki in 1945-1946. Many thanks for your assistance. (posted 11/23/99)

RWal982038@aol.com --- I'm trying to find out about a group of four Super Constellation aircraft that were stationed at Tan Son Nut Airbase in 1966-67-?. They were Navy ECs attached to the US Naval Oceanographic air survey unit at PAX River NAS. (posted 12/26/99)

ljscott@alltel.net --- I am looking for information on the USS Millette. My father and uncles served on her at Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You. (posted 12/26/99)

geno@lebmofo.com --- Any idea where I might get some info on the web concerning the supply ship USS Pollux. Tks. (posted 12/26/99)

orlesmith@lasercom.net --- Looking for family of Joseph C. Howard of Cincinnati, Ohio.Joe was in Co. "C" of the 543rd Eng.Boat & Shore Regt. 3rd Eng. Special Brigade. In The SW Pacific. Joe was engineer on the landing craft I was coxwain of. I have a lot of information & photos that I'm sure his family would like. I hope some one can help. (posted 1/6/00)

sajgelme@netzero.net --- I am trying to find my father. All I kknow of him is he was stationed in Germany in the 1950's (Ludwigsburg or Heidelburg). I was born in May 10, 1955, and was told that he had died on the ship and was crushed from an accident in the boiler room before I was born, though I think he may still be alive. I do have a navy photograph of him and will send as soon as I hear back from someone. This is extremely important to me and I need to know everything about him. (Even if he did die while serving on the ship). His name was/is Frank Al (or Alfred) Luna. (posted 1/8/00)

gary@lowder.com --- My grandfather was sent to USN Boot camp with COMPANY 418 in SanDiego,CA. His group photo, of all 320 men that finished in Aug 1942, was destroyed in a fire. How can one go about locating another copy. He also had a friend named H.L.Lewis from Billings, Montana, if anyone has any info please help . My grandfather is J.J. Pody he was an airplane mechanic in the FLEET AIRWING 4, he was stationed in Kodiak, Alaska Oct 1942 thru May 1943. (posted 1/25/00)

roz_art.baker@sympatico.ca --- Seeking information on the sinking of the SS Rochester in the North Atlantic in the month of November (I think) in 1917. It was reported in The Saturday Evening Post by Harry Yorke. Any information you might be able to forward regarding survivors and details on the sinking would be most appreciated. (posted 4/21/00)

TCHora@aol.com --- My father was in the 379th BS / 310th BG / 57th BW stationed in Sicily, I believe. Where could I find out more about his missions. (posted 4/21/00)

alston.family@mciworld.com --- Looking for information on my grandfatther Theodore Harms who was in the navy in Pearl Harbor. I would like to know about him!! R.I.P. Theodore Harms, I Love You. (posted 4/21/00)

DPSMS@aol.com --- looking for information or contacts for the 379th bomb group, 526th bomb squadron that was hit by Flak on August 13, 1941. A friend died in a plane that went down near Rouen, France and there were only two suvivors. Looking for relatives of the men on this plane. Any suggestions of where I might look? (posted 4/21/00)

Iceclimber@aol.com --- I'm doing a thesis on the Civil Air Paatrol in WWII. Do you have a primary source materiel, such as personal accounts or documents that might help? (posted 5/24/00)


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