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     This page is a series of links to biographies about members of the United States Army, National Guard, and State Guards. The U.S. Army includes all units of the U.S. Army including civilian employees, ROTC, Army Reserve and some U.S. Army Air Corps (most Air Corps/Air Force only linked to from USAF page, those who served in ground units or who stayed in Army after Army Air Force separation listed below too). Many USAAF listings previously below are now linked to at USAF page. State Guard  are those State Military Units which were a subset of the National Guard and which were organized for home defense during World War One and shortly before and during World War II.

     The Biographies below have been submitted by service members or family to me by email.  If you have any such stories to submit please email me below.  Some are pages elsewhere on the web I or others have found.  If you see such a page let me know.  Use your Back Key to Return from such a page. Thank you and enjoy.

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Sofia Adamson, Civ, War Dept, Ft Santiago, Philpns

Earl F. Adkins, PFC, 269th Field Art Bn (240mm)/229th Field Arty Bn, 29th Inf Div

John A. Aller, Coys. H & F, 331st Inf Regt, 83rd Inf Div, 1st,3rd & 9th Armies, USA (updated 3/20/01)

Alvin Anderson, Soldier, 112th infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, US Army (new 4/23/20)

Tetsuo Asato, 100th Bn., 442nd Regt (Nissei), USA

Ray G. Baker, T/5, 11th Constabulary Sqdn Germany, SIS, CIC, USA

Roy Lester Barbe, 1st Lt, US Army (new 8/17/00)

Jerry Bayer, Surgical Technician, 7th Army, USA (new 8/16/99)

Merritt Michael Bertholf, SSgt, USA

Francis Douglas Bess, Jr., SP-4, A Battery, 5th Battalion, 77th Artillery, Camp Pieri, Wiesbaden, Germany

Jack R. Bestor, MoMM 2/c, USS LST-171, USNR, WWII (new 3/2/2021)

R. G. E. Betts, Pte, 4 Section, 2 Pltn, A Coy, 2nd Bn, Royal Australian Regiment, British Forces, Malayan Emergency

Don Bewley, Maj., 3rd Armd. Fld. Art. Bn., USAR

John T. Boyajian, SP 5 , 9th Admin. Co., 9th Infantry Division, US Army, Vietnam (updated 4/2/20)

William Bramswig, Sgt, Company F, 2nd Bat, 345th Reg, 87th Div., USA (updated 2/17/01)

Ed Braun  113th Infantry Combat Team, USA

John B. Brettell, Lt. Col., Cavalry, World War I & CCC Staff, Great Depression & Quartermaster Corps, Ft. Holabird, Md, Pre War & Manila PI, POW, Bataan Death March (updated 1/19/00)

Jess S. Brooks , Co M, 15th Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div/Co D, 18th Inf Regt, 1st Inf Div, USA

Richard Brunell, 1st Lt, AT Co, 423rd Inf Regt, 106th Inf Div, USA

Ralph Burch, PFC, Co G, 175th Inf Regt, 29th Div, USA

Kenneth B. Bush, Major, Deputy Chief of Staff, CCC, 6th Corps Area, US Army

William I. Byrd, Machine Gunner, I Co., 4th Bn, 66th Inf Regt, 71st Div, 3rd Army, USA (new 2/23/01)

Eugene T. Carson, Lt. Col, Flt Eng/Gnr, 506th Bmb Sqdn, 388th Bmb Grp/327th Bmb Sqdn, 92nd Bmb Grp, USAAF, USA (updated 6/19/02)

Julian Cavazos, Sgt, 1st Ranger Battallion, 3rd Ranger Battalion, POW, WWII, USA (new 5/13/01)

Robert (Bob) Chaplin, SgtMjr, 5th Spec Frcs Grp (Abn), USA (Updated 4/13/01)

Bill Chrissos, 10th Mtn Div, USA

Louis Cifaldi, I&R Platoon, HQ Co., 47th Inf Regt., 9th Inf. Div, U.S.A.(new 12/10/00)

Russ Cloer, Capt., I & R Platoon Leader, 7th Inf., 3rd Inf. Div., VI Corp., 7th Army US Army (updated 1/31/04)

John "Jack" Coleman, 1st Inf Div, USA

Paul J. Conway, 109th Inf Regt, 28th Inf Div, USA

Joseph D. Cornelius, Staff Sergeant,  Platoon Sergeant, 1st. Platoon A Battery 569th Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion, Mobile, USA, WWII (new 8/27/06)

French R. Craig, USA

John C. Culler, Capt, 85th Inf Div, USA (updated 5/23/00)

Merritt Michael DeCol, USA

Carl DePanicis, 1st Lt., Co. C, 629th TD Bn, 29th Div, 3rd Army, USA

John B. Derden, Warrant Officer, 2nd Armored Division & Instructor, Infantry School / Armored School, USA(Ret.) (updated 3/2/01)

Ernest Gilbert Dixon, Capt., Unknown USAAF Service, World War Two, Operations Officer, Flight A, 526th Pursuit Squadron, Camp Dodge, Iowa, Seventh Corps Area, Charles Lindbergh Associate, 1920's & Aerogunnery Instructor, Selfridge Field, Mount Clemons, Mich., World War One, USAAC / USAAF (new 12/11/00)

Mason (Mickey) Hardin Dorsey, T/4 Sgt, 71st Cav Rec Trp, 71st Inf, XXth Corps, 3rd Army (updated 5/17/99)

Fletcher William Donaldson, 2nd Lt., CCC Staff, Co 2586, Camp Thornwood, F-6-WV, Durbin, WV & Co 2048 (?), Camp White Rock, Seneca Rock, WV & 1522, Camp Clifftop, SP-3, Onega, WV & Co 532 in Camp SP-6, USA

Edwin Darnell, Sergeant, US Army, WWII (new (7/6/2020)

Hugh A. Drum, Maj. Gen., Commander VI Corp Area, United States, US Army

James Favala, S/Sgt, Trainer, Combat Infantry, Fort McClellan, Germany, USA

Grady Flook, Cpl, 24th Division, Korea

Dale M. Garvey, Col., Inf-Res., Camp Commander, Co. 4726 Chamberlain, SD & Presho SD & Unknown Camp, Columbia, SD & Co. 4710, Camp SCS-11,, NE & 12th Army Group, Normandy, Paris, Battle of the Bulge, WWII Cold War, USA (new 10/27/19)

Kenneth Harland Gassert, Pvt, 141st Inf Regt, 36th Inf Div, USA

Arvin S. Gibson, SSgt, Trans. Corps, HQ Co, HQ, AGF, APO 60, USA (updated 4/22/01)

William H. Gieske, 172nd FA Bn, USA

Helene Gill, French Resistance, WWII (new 7/12/20)

Donald Silas Greene, PFC, 3rd Ranger Bn, "Darby's Rangers", USA

William G. Greenslade, Soldier, 739th AAA Gun Battalion, US Army, POW, WWII, Korea(new 12/9/20)

Curtis O. Greer Jr., Captain, US Army, WWII (new 4/11/07)

Dennis Gruhlke, Specialist 4, E4, 702nd MI Detachment (CI), US Army, U.S. Army, Vietnam (new 4/1/20)

Hyman Haas, Sgt., Btty. A., 467th. AAA Bn (SP), USA

Dave Hacker, T/5, Co B, 53rd Armd Eng Bn, 8th Armd Div, 3rd/9th Army, USA

Bob Hammons, Sgt, 825th TD Bn, Battle of The Bulge, USA

John L. Hand, 113th Infantry Combat Team & Unknown Unit, KIA, USA

Donald Warren Hanson, Sgt, USA

John Patrick Hartigan, Sgt., 13th Fld Obs Bn, VII Corps, 1st Army. USA

Robert J. Hartman, T/4, Headquarters Battery, 10th Anti Aircraft Artillery Group, New Guinea, Philippines, US Army (new 5/18/20)

William Hartman, Soldier, Alaska, US Army (new 5/18/20)

George Hatem, US Army

William Richard (Dick) Hay, 8th AF HQ Sqdrn, USAAF, Okinawa

Matt Helreich, Cpl, 644th TD Bn, USA

Lester Hindle, 349th Harbor Craft, USA (updated 8/27/02)

William H. Hoey, PFC, 165th Infantry, 27th Inf Div (Also Attached 3rd & 4th Marine Divs), USA

Max Hopkins, T/Sgt, New Hampshire National Guard, Battle of the Bulge, US Army, WWII (new 1/5/08)

Ausley Clarence Horton, POW Guard, USA, WWI

Steve Johnson, Lucky Lady (I & II), 543rd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment, 3rd Engineer Special Brigade, USA

James F. Justin, Pvt, Co B, 3rd Inf Regt, NJ State Guard, 1941-42

Frank Kadas, 565th AAA Bn, USA

Albert T. King, 1st Lt., Company 2351, Washington, DC, US Army (new 7/6/2020)

John Kline, Sgt, Hvy Wpn Sqd, Hvy Wpn Plt, Co M, 423rd Inf Regt, 106th Inf Div, USA

Clyde E. Klingler, Cpl., 71st Infantry Division, ETO, WWII, Gunskirchen Lager Liberation, USA

James E. Knight, Corporal, 31st Infantry, USA, Bataan Death March, POW, World War II (new 12/18/00)

Dan Z. Kovacevich, Soldier, Company M, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, US Army (new 4/23/20)

Stanley Kramer, PFC, Quartermaster Corps, ComZ, Metz, France, US Army, Cold War (new 8/4/00)

Harvey Dee Leahman, 1st Lt & M/Sgt, USA

Jessie Leatherwood, Co A, 9th Inf Regt, 2nd Inf Div, USA

Lee LeBlanc, Lee LeBlanc, PFC, A Troop, 1st Squadron, 12th Cavalry, First Calvary Division, WWII, US Army

Lloyd W. Leibnitz, Tec 4, Company B, 405th Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division (new 6/2/20)

Louis Leone, Combat Medic, LCM Driver, Bismarck Archipelago, New Guinea, Southern Philippiness, USA

Jim Leopold, Capt, 4th Pltn, Coys G & E, 2nd Bn, 47th Inf Regt, 9th Inf Div, USA (updated 11/18/00)

Jack Lewis, South Pacific, USA

John Lucas, Teletype Operator, 349th Signal Corps Company, 86th Fighter Wing, South Pacific, Phillipines, Occupation of Japan, USA (new 10/10/10)

Norman Macdonald, Canadian Army

Clarence Manthey, T-5, Battery A, 467th AAA Bn,, 18th AAA Group, 49th AAA BDE, First Army, V Corps, US Army, D-Day (new 3/1/2021)

Santo Marciano, Soldier, US Army, Phillipines, WWII (new 9/21/03)

Samuel Marks, T/5, HQ Co., 2nd Bn., 345th Inf. Regt., 87th Inf. Div.,USA

Gino Marnoni, PFC, Perigeux, Orleans, and Dreux AFB, France US Army, Cold War (New 2/23/2021)

Oliver Louis Mazzaferri, P.F.C., 31st & 1st Medical Co., First Army, USA

Brendan E McIntyre, PFC, Co A, 82nd Amrd Rec Bn, 2nd Amrd Div, USA

Mike McKinney, 1st Plat., L Co., 16th Inf. Regt., 1st Inf. Div., USA

James "Jim" McLeod, T/Sgt, Engineer, USA

Martin R. Merlis, Capt, Medical Officer, USA

Lloyd Mielke, 6th Armored Division, USA (updated 5/22/02)

Cliff Miller, 372nd Eng Bn / 3rd Pltn, C Troop, 42nd Sqdn, 2nd Cav Grp, USA

Victor J. "Baseplate" Miller, Co. E, 5th Rngr. Bn., USA (updated 5/25/01)

William Howard Millholland, 1989th QM Truck Co., 14th A.F., U.S.A

Brad Mitton, 212th Fld. Atty. Bn, Md NG / 709th MP Bn, USA (Germany) / 320th MP Bn, USAR

Harley F. Mooney, Capt, 3rd Plat, Co B, 1st Bn, 7th Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div, USA, Korea

Edward F. Morgan, Signal Corps, USA

W. H. Mowery,  Soldier, Cold War, USA (new 1/29/03)

Joe Musilek, FIAT, Third Army, Battle of the Bulge, USA (new 2/15/01)

Frank W. Nadeau Jr., Gunner, Helldiver, VB-84, AG-84, USS Bunker Hill, US Navy WWII & Col., 11th Airborne, U.S. Army, Korea, Vietnam (new 4/1/20)

Paul Erwin Newland, Miltary Police, US Army, WWII (new 5/4/20)

Les Nordland, PFC, Co B, 1st Bn, 405 Inf Rgt, 102 Inf Div, 9th Army, USA

Lamoine "Frank'' Olsen, 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division, Battle of the Bulge, Huertgen Forest, USA

Mathew J. Pacana, M Company, 13th Regiment, 8th Infantry Division, USA ( new 12/1/00)

Joseph A. Pagliuca, Cpl, 61st Armd Inf Bn, 10th Armd Div, 3rd Army, USA

Andy Pender, 7 Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, Royal Army(new 5/3/20)

Richard E. Pianca, LtCol, 578th Engineers, 40th Infantry Division, USA, Korea (new 5/28/01)

John Joseph Pinder, T/5, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Medal of Honor, D-Day, US Army (new 5/8/2020)

David Lee Pollock, 8th Ranger, USA

Stanley Rak, Soldier, USA (new 4/27/03)

William L. Rankin, Soldier, USA, WWII (new 11/3/19)

Lawrence E. Rapson, Military Police, POW Camp, Hopston, IL, USA, WWII (new 8/15/06)

Malcolm F. Reed, Colonel, United States Army Reserve, Between Wars, Supply Officer, Gander Air Base, Newfoundland, Middletown, Air Depot, Pennsylvania, WWII, U.S.A.A.F. (new 11/26/01)

Joe Rein, 97th Signal, Boeblingen, Germany, US Army (new 4/24/2020)

Allan Robertson, Royal Scots Fusiliers, RA, Malayan Emergency

David P. Roderick, S/Sgt, Co. H, 22nd Infantry, 4th Inf Div., 1st Army, USA, D-Day, WWII (new 6/19/06)

Joe Rodimak, Lt Col (Ret.), 21st Replacement Depot, Hollandia, New Guinea and Manila, PI, WWII & 7th Army Ordnance Depot, Boebligen, Germany, Korea & 2071st USAR School, Cold War, USA (new 11/03/05)

Hubert Rothove, Battery B, 467th AAA Battery (SP), USA (updated 3/20/01)

Billy M. Rudder, Soldier, 569th Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion, WWII, US Army (new 5/24/2020)

Robert J. Ryan, 24th Infantry Division, Fort Ord, Berlin, Germany, US Army, Cold War (new 1/16/2018)

Harold R. Sampson, Lt Col, 487th Eng Wtr Sply Bn & 1317th Eng Rgt, USA

Virgil R. Sams, Battery, USA

Paul Lee Schlegel, 45th Inf Div, USA

Joseph Schmidig, 61st Ordnance Company, USA, Pearl Harbor (new 1/11/00)

Harry Schorr, MD, Lt., CCC Medical Supervisor, Subdistrict No. 8, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, US Army (new 8/17/00)

Ferdinand C. Segna, 2nd Lt., CCC Company 1548, Camp Malta, McConnelsville, Ohio, USA (new 11/10/19)

Theodore Semesky, PFC, 17th Airborne Division, Stalag 4B, Stalag 12A, USA

Elmer C. Sheppard, 101st Airbne. Inf. Div., USA

Noble Woodrow Silkwood, WWII, USA (new 10/27/19)

Anthony "Tony" J. Sitar Sr., Private, Medic, New Guinea, Guadalcanal, Northern Solomons, WWII, USA (new 11/13/19)

Warren Sjoberg, Cpl., Copilot L-19, 20th Field Arty', 4th Infantry Div' Germany, Hanau Airfield, US Army (new 6/30/20)

George I. Skoda, Czech Ungnd & 533rd Eng. Ar. Phot. Repro. Co., USA

Oliver R. Smith, Coxswain, Co. C, 543rd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment, 3rd Engineer Special Brigade, USA (updated 10/31/00)

Richard Spatta, Johnson Barracks, Furth, Germany, US Army, Cold War (new 1/16/18)

John A. Stanton, 20th Eng. Cbt. Rgt./1340th Eng Cbt Bn, USA

Alton Howard Stephens, Co F, 8th Regt, 4th Div, USA

Glen Stockman, S/Sgt, Forward Observer, Company M, 345th Regt, 87th Inf. Div, Battle of the Bulge, USA

William Miles Stokes, Jr., Maj. Gen., 2nd Armored Division, North Africa, ETO, WWII, Cold War, USA (new 11/12/19)

William J. Stopfer, T/5, 1st Unit, 51st Field Hospital, US Army, WWII (new 05/29/07)

Norman R. Tallent, S/Sgt., Battery B, 467th AAA AW Bn, U. S. Army (new 6/19/20)

John H. Taylor, Sgt1/c, Co F, 506th Para Regt, 101st Abn Div, USA

Harold William Terrill, Pvt, Co. B, 299th Eng Cbt Bn, USA

Charles "Red" Themar, Sgt, Wpns Plt, Co A, 385th Inf Regt, 76th Inf Div, 3rd Army, USA (updated 4/29/01)

Fr. Michael Tidd, E-4, 475th QM GP, USAR, Gulf War

Joseph Charles Tiley, Coldstream Guards, Malayan Emergency (new 7/15/01)

Dr. Julian Q. Watters, MD., Captain, Doctor, Co. B, 263rd Medical Battalion, Medical Corps, USA, New Guinea, Phillipines, WWII (new 4/2/06)

Henry Weaver, 75th Transport Squadron, 9th Air Force, USAAF

Harold Whiting, Sr., Demolition Man, 157th Combat Engineer Company, Seventh and Third Army, USA, WWII (new 1/9/05)

Cornelius W. Wickersham, Lt. Gen., USAR., WWI, WWII

Edward G. "Buddy" Wilbeck, Lt., Hvy Mrtr Pltn, Hvy Wpns Co, 112th Inf Regt, 28th Inf Div, USA

Del B. Williams, USA

Claude Therman Woodard, Soldier, US Army, WWII, Cold War (new 2/27/2021)

Clarence Wright, 29th Inf Div, USA

Joseph F. Wyson (Joseph Wysocki), Soldier, 106th Infantry Division, WWII, USA (new 7/2/12)

Arnold Yellin, Sgt., 153rd AACS (Army Airways Communications System), Albrook Field, Canal Zone

Natalina Zecca, Auxiliary Territorial Service, Royal Army, UK, WWII (new 7/13/20)

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Francis George Annis, 381st Infantry, 96th Division, USA

Robert E. Annis, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, USA

John James Bates, Jack Bates, Sapper, 271 Field Coy, Staffordshire Territorials, Royal Engineers, Royal Army

Frank Barrat, Troop Sgt, 16 Troop, C Squadron, 56th Recce Reg't, 78th "Battleaxe" Div, 1st/8th Army, RA, WWII

Howard L. Baugh, Co I, 114th Inf Regt, 44th Infantry Division

Tom Bowerman, PFC, USA

Arthur Clayton, Pvt, 409th Rgt, 103rd Div, USA

John S. Clayton Sr.,14th Arm Div, 103rd Inf Div, c.1944 USA

Robert Lyle Cunningham, Sgt, 43rd, 31st Ranger Battalion, POW, USA

Charles D. Curley, Jr., Maj., 1st Plat., E Co., 38th Inf. Regt, 2nd Infantry Division, Battle of the Bulge, USA

Robert Gallagher, Cpl., 1st Sect., D Battery, 815th AAA Bn, USA, WWII

Sabino L. "Sal" Goita, PFC, 754th Tank Bn, USA

James P. Hennessey, 87th Infantry Division, USA

Edwin Evan Jones, Lt., 112th/113th Ind Fld Amb, RA, WWI

Lloyd R "Dick" Kemp, Tank Driver, "Avenelle"T/5, Co. A 80th Tk. Bn. 8th Armored Div, Silver Star, USA

Raymond Kirkhoff, Regtl. Hdqtrs., 544th. EB&SR, 4th. ESB, USA, WWII

Brian Hodgkiss Longfield, Lt, 1 Australian Signal Training Battalion, WWII

Ed "Big Foot" Lyons, Door Gunner, 25th Avn Bn, 25th Inf Div, USA, Vietnam

Dr. Robert Lindsay Mackay, Lt Col, 11th Bn, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, RA, WWI & WWII

Sid Martindale, Pvt, 1st Battalion Argyll Sutherland Highlanders, RA

Marvin L. Miller, Pfc., 11B, 1st Division, USA, Vietnam

Lamoine ""Frank'' Olsen, Plt Sgt, 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division, USA

Albert R. Panebianco, Co. K, 157th Regt, 45th Inf Div, USA

Art Pranger, Pvt, 86th Chemical Mortar Bn, USA

William J. Roettgen, Tec 5, Btty. C., 467th. AAA Bn (SP), 49th AAA Brigade, USA

Edward T. Romanowski, S/Sgt, 295th Eng Cbt Bn

James Ralph "Tony El Tigre" Spletstoser, Smn1/c, LST, USN WWII, DOD 214th CAB, Vietnam 

Dave Stafford, 25th Inf Div Arty, Vietnam 

Ivy Stafford, Hurtgen Forest, USA

Miles Stephens, Hurtgen Forest, USA

Ronald Arthur Tee, Troop Sgt, 16 Troop, C Squadron, 56th Recce Reg't, 78th "Battleaxe" Div, 1st/8th Army, RA, WWII

Martin Tytell, PFC, Typwriter Repair and Modifyer, Fort Jay, Yank, Army's Morale Services Division, Enlisted Reserve Forces, USA

Richard White, 34th Inf Regt/19th Inf Regt, 24th Inf Div, USA, Korea BAH Bad Link now, anyone know where this page went ?

Harry Woods, Pvt, The Dorsetshire Regt, RA, WWI

Edward Puck Kow Wong, Jr, Sp-4, 57th AHC, 17th AvGrp, 1st ABg, USA, Vietnam

Albert J. Yascavage, Master Sergeant, Second Signal Company, Second Infantry Division (2nd to None) USA & 109th Field Artillery, 28th Infantry (Keystone) Division, Pennsylvania Army National Guard

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