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     This page is a series of links to stories about the United States Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. The U.S. Navy includes all units of the U.S. Navy including civilian employees, ROTC, Naval Reserve and Naval Aviation Stories. As submitted and until submissions warrant separate listing, foreign service will be included here as well.

     The Stories below are broken down into anecdotes, biographies and photographs. Anecdotes are brief accounts of personal, humorous or historic interest.  Personal histories often contain stories as well.  All may contain contact information for the veteran or the party providing the story.  If any are provided, jokes or songs will be provided as well.  If you have any stories to submit please email me. Thank you and enjoy.





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How to Research the Coast Guard & Merchant Marine

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Justin Military History Museum, Veteran's Hall, Collection of Veteran material with message post board, reunion, unit alumni links, looking for information and veteran search links

American Merchant Marine Service A site devoted to the American Merchant Marine with many Resources

North Atlantic Chapter American Merchant Marine Vets (AMMV) A site devoted to the American Merchant Marine with many Resources

American Merchant Marine Veterans, Juan De Fuca Chapter, Site Devoted to Alumni Group with a great deal of History and Resources ( related page here)

Coast Guard Warriors, page of Coast Guard stories, photos, awards and other resources

Fred's Place, A Coast Guard related page with contact, search, reunion information and more

HMS Ark Royal Page, A page with much info including Ark Royal Sailor's anecdotes

Hyper War US Navy in WWII, Collection of Navy materials

LST Association Home Page, organization of LST veterans with much info

LSM's Hometown, Association of Landing Ship Medium Veterans with much info

National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors, organization of Naval Tow Vessel Veterans

NavVets, an Online Organization of Navy Veterans with numerous features

Official US Navy Frequently Asked Questions Page, with info on locating Navy or Veteran history and information and obtaining records, plank certificates and memorabilia

Other Naval Links, My Page with Naval Links unrelated to oral histories

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Page of Veterans of Pearl Harbor Attack

United States Coast Guard Historians Office, Official Site with some history and resources

World War Two Oral History Website, A Collection of Veterans' Stories, Use Back Key To Return

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