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     James Justin, Jim, was a child of the Depression, being born in 1918 in Lowell Massachussetts.  The son of an electric lineman, Jim soon was travelling across the Northeast as his father followed the work, installing power lines into new towns and cities.  This migratory life style caused Jim a great deal of disconfort as he was never able to settle down nor make lasting friendships.  Indeed he was often on the outside looking in, the new kid who had to prove himself.  And then, when he finally had proven himself it was time to move yet again.  This travelling was done by car and coastal steamer and through it young Jim probably began to form what would be a love of travel and the outdoors.  Later, after begining a family of his own, Jim would translate this love into long road trips across New Jersey with the great outdoors being the usual destination.  Eventually he would be travelling from coast to coast and from Canada to the tip of Florida, once crossing the country alone in less than three days of driving.  And whenever possible the road was that less travelled, one memorable excursion finding the family looking out at the peaks of the Rocky Mountains from a cliffside dirt trail no wider than the Fury III they precariously perched on.

     Jim always was fond of drawing, though never trained in art.  Later in life he would begin painting frequently, filling time once spent on the road.  Yet each painting was an excursion in itself, bringing back to life a memory of a place seen in some recent travel, or some scene of life recalled.  Yet Jim's work is more than just a rendition of what was seen but holds more.  Each, with vibrant color portrays the feeling of the scene, of its vivaciousness.  This exuberance never left Jim, and it remains today in his works.  Each is a piece of the color of the great country Jim travelled through and the times he lived.

     Jim's works are divided into rooms containing pictures grouped by subject themes.  Within each room will be thumbnails of pictures in the group which in turn will lead to larger images of each painting.  To visit a room, click on the image before it below.  Also please check back as Jim painted many works and more will be added as they are digitalized.  I hope you will enjoy Jim's paintings as much as Jim enjoyed painting them.

 California Room - A series of landscapes

 Cape May Room - A series of seascapes

 Red Bank Room - A series of maritime paintings

  Sanctuary Room - A number of avian paintings

And More Rooms To Come!!

Please check back from time to time as more paintings will be added here

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