James F. Justin Collection

Redbank Room

     Jim found great pleasure in painting the sea and particularly the ships which sailed on it.  As a young boy he travelled up and down the northeastern seaboard in coastal steamers and it would seem to have given him a love of things nautical. This love grew as he lived near the shore, first at Keyport and then Redbank New Jersey with its boat races. Some of his most prized material posssessions were model ships and he enjoyed the times he sailed on refurbished schooners and a cruise ship.  He also would spend many hours at the Jersey Shore and also the Delaware River watching the comings and goings of boats and ships.  This fascination resulted in many paintings depicting ships and sailboats on the sea.  Each depicts with color and image the beauty of the sea and the majestic ships which sail upon its waves.

     The seascapes below depict those images currently scanned in by the curator.  Being scanned images rather than photographs the color is not exact in all cases, however they do convey a good representation of the piece. Click on any of these thumbnail images to see a larger and less compressed view of that piece.



Please check back from time to time as more paintings will be added here

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