Biography of James C. Burnett

Enrollee, Co. 3894, Camp F-67-CO, Mesa, Colorado & Unknown Company, Sedona, Arizona

   I am James C. Burnett. I was 16 years old and wanted to go to the CCC's more than anything in the world. I signed up in Wewoka, Oklahoma. They took us to Holdenville, OK for examination. I ate bananas and drank buttermilk and got up to 98 lbs. The doctor said, "If he grows into those feet, he should make a pretty good CC boy".

   They sent us to Checotah, OK to board a train. I had never had such good food and slept in berths like a king. We went to Palisade, Colorado, by train and trucks picked us up and took us to Mesa, CO. I was in Company 3894, F67C. I was there from July 16th, 1941 until January 20th, 1942.

James Burnett (right) and friend on barracks steps

   I came out and was home about three months. I went back in, about April 1942. I was sent to Sedona, Arizona. There was nothing there, but a grocery store. We swam nude in the river. I understand that now it is a vacation place for the wealthy. They were moving to Pine, Arizona, but I got out as I was too young for the Army and they were signing everyone up for the Army.

   I am 79 years old and the CCC's was one of the most memorable times in my life.

----- James C. Burnett

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