U.S.S. New Jersey, Coming Home

The U.S.S. New Jersey, an Iowa Class Battleship, under tow enroute to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, November 11, 1999 approximately 2:00 PM.  She is about to complete her final sea voyage which began in Puget Sound some weeks before. When completed she will undergo restoration and assume her final station as a Museum Ship.

The photo shows her in the Delaware River, between the grounds of Old Fort Mifflin in Pennsylvania (foreground) and Fort Mercer at Red Bank in New Jersey (just visible in part before the ships bows and behind her). The Jersey was at this moment being greeted by throngs of people which packed both parks and the river banks. Traffic along elevated Interstate 95 in Philadelphia was halted as cars pulled over onto the shoulder to gaze at the majestic Battlewagon on her journey.  Tug boats and civil craft replete with flags and festive bunting escorted her along her way. A few hours later the BB62 returned to her birthplace, docking in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, her final journey nearly complete.

The New Jersey is now docked along the USS America, visible from the base of Red Bank avenue in National Park, NJ. She will soon become a Museum ship in Camden, New Jersey.




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