I am sorry to announce that Justin Family Tree Service is not currently processing requests.  My work has changed and now prevents me from regularly accessing the New Jersey and National Archives.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  Hopefully at some time I will be able to provide this service in the future. Check back from time to time to see.  Thanks and Take Care.

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LEGAL STUFF There is no warranty or guarranty of any kind, express or implied, with regards to this service.  I specifically do not guarrantee that any search can be made successfully, nor that the results of any search will be accurate or complete.  In many many cases search results can only be the result  of educated guesses.  I will not be liable for the results of any search or any other result of the use of this service.  Your use of this service is solely at your own risk.  By ordering a search from this service, you for yourself and for your heirs and assigns hereby waive any right to any claim for damages from the use of these services and accept the terms of this service as set forth above including the fee information provided herein and the waiver of warranty and guarranty set forth above.   

     Here to serve your Family History Genealogy Research needs as to searches of New Jersey State Archive, Philadelphia City and National Archive and Family History Center records.  For a fee, as set forth below, I will endeavor to search these Archives for you for information on your family tree genealogy.

WHAT       Being located in Southern Central New Jersey I have reasonably easy access to the New Jersey State and Philadelphia City and National Archives.  If  you wish I will search these records for you for Census returns and Vital Statistics as available.   Fees are by search and are set forth below. I am also close to a Family History Center and can order many types of records from many areas to review for your requests.  Requests can be submitted only by e-mail using the link below.  I will either confirm or deny your request by e-mail so please supply me an e-mail address to which I may reply. Results and billing will be sent to your snail mail address so please provide that as well.

WHERE   The following Archival records are available for my search;

       NEW JERSEY STATE ARCHIVES: This Archive is the official repository of older (pre-1940 for most records) Vital Statistics and Census Returns.  The Archive holds Vital Records of varying usefulness from the mid-eighteen hundreds through the early twentieth century.  The Archive also has all New Jersey Federal Census Returns (less the bulk of the 1890 Census which was lost in fire) and State Census Returns for centennial state census's held from 1855 to 1915 (1855 and 1865 returns are not complete).  The Archive also has extensive newpaper, will, deed and other miscellaneous records regarding the state of New Jersey.  Some city directories including some New York and Philadelphia directories are available in the connected State Library.  Substantial Colonial, Revolutionary and Civil War archival materials are also available.  If you wish to go on your own, the Archive personnel will do some searches for you - I believe - though I am not certain as to the exact nature of their services.  They are located in Trenton, New Jersey and are open Tuesday through Friday less holidays. More recent Vital Statistics are available from the State Department of Health by mail and only to family memebrs and with fairly exact information. They are located in Trenton and their number can be obtained from the Archives or 609 area information.

      Philadelphia City Archives:    These records contain some Vital Statistic information for 19th Century Philadelphia (city proper as of 19th Century Boundaries which excludes many neighborhoods now considered part of the city).  There is also a city directory and other city records available for search.  I believe the City Archives will do some searches by mail for you, however they require a large amount of detail I think.

      Philadelphia National Archives:   A branch of the National Archives in Washington, the Philadelphia Office holds all Centennial National Census Returns from 1790 through 1920 (less the bulk of the 1890 returns).  There are also ship passenger listings for the Ports of Philadelphia, Baltimore and many lesser Eastern Seaboard port cities.  The National Archives in Washington, D.C. will provide many searches by mail, call them for information.

      Family History Center: A local Family History Center provides a service wherein it will acquire for a fee many types of records from across the United States and Europe.  These include Census returns and Church Records, which can be the only source of information for older periods though the information may be sparse.   Due to the fees and ordering delay, these searches will take longer and be more expensive than the others.  There is likely a Family History Center near you, if you wish to search on your own.

WHEN  I do not do this as a fulltime job.  In fact I am only starting this up as a means of defraying the expense of my own searches and to provide a means for people out of the area to get some of the local records for their searches (I know I would like to find something similar for Canada, Boston etc.)  As such I can only provide these searches when I am able to get to the Archives during Lunch or off hours from work.  New Jersey records can be provided a bit more quickly than City records as I am more often in Trenton than Philly.  History Center Records will take the longest to search.  In general, I would not expect a search result before 4-6 weeks.  I do not guarrantee that time frame nor do I preclude the possibility of quicker results, especially for New Jersey searches. 

HOW    If you have a genealogical search you would like me to take on for you in one of the above Archives, please e-mail me using the link below setting forth your request. Please provide as complete a batch of information as you can regarding the person to be searched, including known relatives et cetera.  The more complete the package the more likely it is that the result will be positive and accurate.  Also, if I have an incredibly easy time of getting your record I may not charge full price!  Once I receive your request (and I don't check my mail everyday so bear with me on this) I will respond with any questions, problems or a simple confirmation by e-mail.  Thereafter I will mail you the result.  You will be billed for the search (even if unsuccessfull - sorry it takes time to determine that something is not there) at that point as well. Payment is to be mailed to me by check or money order.

HOW MUCH  My fees for searches will vary by type of record. New Jersey Archive searches are $10 per search.  A search is a single record. Philadelphia National Archive searches will cost $25 for the first search and $15 per additional. Family History Searches will cost $10 PLUS $4.00 per roll of microfilm I must order to complete the search. In addition to the above there may be additional fees required for more extensive searches. Where many rolls must be searched I will bill per roll to be searched at $2 per roll.  Where entire rolls must be reviewed - i.e. trying to find someone in an unindexed Census, I will bill at $15 per hour. Any additional fees will be advised whenever the extent of the search becomes apparrent. You will not be responsible for any additional fees unless you approve them ahead of time. All fees are to be paid by check or money order through regular mail upon receipt of billing after search results are provided to you. I reserve the right to refuse any search request for any reason.

WHO  If you would like to Request a Search, please e-mail me at the link below (jkjustin@aol.com).  I may request a down payment for large search requests or do and bill them a few at a time.