Links Devoted to Particular Surnames

          These pages are set forth as being about a single surname and are often a tracing of a lineage from a single individual to ancestors of the same name.  Sometimes they have contact information for persons researching that name and frequently they have history about the name, a family crest et cetera.  Although these pages may prove most useful to persons with the name in question, they often include some, albeit nominal, information about other persons who married into the family.  Thus they may prove useful to anyone.  I am trying to put forth the names of all persons set forth in the page but this is very time consuming so you may have to check yourself for some of the pages.

 [IMAGE]   Alabaster Society

                              A one name study with data on more than 3,000 Alabasters, from the present day back to the 15th century including descendants of Thomas Alabaster (c1522-1592).and Alabasters from England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand and Hong Kong but which is not present on the page though the webmaster states he is willing to share his information and has an email link.

      Cliff Baughen's Web Page

                              A one name study on the name Baughan and it's variants Baughen, Baughn, Baugham, Bauffin, Baffin and Boffin.  Again, no data is provided online though the pagemaster provides and email link for queries as to his information.

        Bending Family Page

                               This index contains 3000 individuals of the Bending surname and hundreds of others as well as a Devon Surname list and a means of downloading the Bending gedcom files.

         The Beavington Papers

                               A large One Name Study devoted to the Beavington, Bevington and Beventon families with a lineage back to medeival times.  Although not indexed, there are reference to other surnames in relation to those families. A really interesting page with information from 1400's to 1950's for England, New Zealand, Australia, et cetera so far.  

        Beverly Family Newsletter

                An online newsletter with data on Beverly Surname and descendants


                              A Page dedicated to the exchange of information regarding the Blanchard and Blanshard family.  They seem to have a fair amount of information and schedules available to members, and they seek new members, but none of it is online.  Contact information and newsletter information is given.

Bloor Coat of Arms       Bloor Family History and Genealogy

                A page dedicated to the Bloor, Bloore, Blore, Blower et cetera families with newsletter and possible family crest.


                A page providing information as to the modern and medevial Boulding, Boulden, Bollyng, Bullen, Bolling and Boleyn family particularly with regard to the East Kent area.  Information on wills and other material.

         Branscombe Family Trees

                A nicely arranged page with many family trees involving the Branscombe, Branscomb, Branscome and Branscum plus other relatives in Australia, Canada, England, Wales and the United States from the mid 18th century.  Also an index to births in that family in England & Wales from 1837.

          Breadmore One Name Study

                A Study of the Breadmore,  Bradman Bradmore Breadcore Breademore Breadman Breadmar Breadmear Breadmer Breadmere Breadmoer Breadmoor Breadmor Breadmound Breadmour Breadmoure Breadmur Breadshure Bredemeier Bredemeir Bredemere Bredemeyer Bredemore Bredmar Bredmer Bredmere Bredmire Bredmor Bredmore Bredmoure Bredsmore Breedman Breedmore Bridemow Bridmor Bridmore Broadmore  and Brydmor family (all variations on Breadmore) which includes a large data base (available it seems only on request) that also includes hundreds of other surnames

         Brocklehurst Home Page

                Although advertised as a One Name Survey page, this seems to be a gentlemans home page.  There is reference to a Family History but the link leads to a page with no data but merely graphics which would not work for me.  As such I was unable to tell what the graphics intended (perhaps under construction?).  There is an email link and the gentleman did allude in his text to having some information so if your name is Brocklehurst or Braybrook(s) or wish info on Netherfield England, (the ancestral home where he lives) or Cricket (which he likes) (another family name he mentions) you may wish to email him.


                               A site devoted to the Caddle\Caddel\Caddell\Cadell\Cadel\Cadle surnames which contains a form for reqesting information from the webmaster, a list of the records he has, a reccomended reading list, identities of other researchers of the names and a family tree with 118 families with 355 individuals from a hundred additional surnames

       The Cheesbrough One Name Study

                               A page dedicated to the Cheesbrough surname.  Many records available for downloading as well.

         CHICKEN Family Histories

                               Is this page for real?  It is a pretty elaborate joke if it isn't.  Has much family tree information on the Chicken lineage.  Other surnames are included in the trees of the Chickens.

       The Cuindlis Geneweb Page

                               This page devoted to the Cuindlis surname with the following variants  [M[a]c]An[d]lish, [M[a]c]An[d]les[s] [M[a]c]An[d]lis[s] [M[a]c]Can[d]lish [M[a]c]Can[d]les[s] [M[a]c]Can[d]lis[s] [M[a]c]Can[d]las[s] [M[a]c]Can[d]los [M[a]c]Can[d]leis Chan[d]lish Chan[d]less [O']Quinlisk [O']Quinlish plus GEDCOM files on many other surnames

       The Crabbe Family Page

                               This page is dedicated to the Crab, Crabb, Crabbe & Craib, Crabbs and Krabbe families with a large online database, a pagemaster who offers search assistance and other nice features.

          Crawcour Connections

                               One Name Study regarding the Crawcour, Crevecour, Craker, Croaker, Crawlour, Craucamp, Crauwcamp, Corocwain, Grawcour, Gawcour, Crancor, Crawcar, Crowcor, Craucour, Cralvcour and Crawcoue surnames with links to family members websites, some name origin and contact information et cetera.

[Image]          Dawson Family History Project

               An ongoing project page regarding the Dawson family.  Many records seem to be available online as to this family and presumably others. Many good Canadian links.

[Image]      The World of Days

                A page dedicated to the surnames Day, Daye, Dey and Deye with much online data including a searchable data base.  Very attractive page.

        Eyre Home Page

                A page dedicated to the Eyre family  with much information and members with hundreds of other surnames


                               A  page with many interesting features including detailed census and church records for some of the persons in the tree and a one name study as well as a total descent chart from this webmaster which reaches into the 17th century in parts and includes well over a hundred other surnames

        Andy Glenister Home Page

                     A one name study devoted to many aspects of the Glenister family.  Many different family trees are included however there is no easy index of other surnames within it so for now I can not provide same.

[Image]         Gribble One Name Site

                               A one name study of Gribble also spelled as Griball, Gribbal, Gribball Gribbel, Gribbell, Gribel, Gribell, Gribbel, Gribbell Gribbill, Gribill Grible, Griblle Gribbyll, Gribyll Griebel Grebel, Grebell, Greble, Grebble Greebel Groebell Grubel Grybbell, Grybble, Gryble and Grybel.  I might have missed it but although there is much information about the name and references to genealogy there is not a lot of actual tree information on the page itself. Maybe you can email for it.

         Grice Genealogy & Family History Home Page

                               A one name study with maps, charts and information on the Grice family name as well as a tree with some forty other surnames

       Gumbleton Family History

                                A one name study of Gumbleton's also written as Gomeldon, Gumbelton and Gambleton which includes a pretty exhaustive seeming tally of all Gumbleton's in all of recorded and indexed English history including a Crown Jeweler for Charles II.

      McCartney Genealogy Page

                               A work in progress page dedicated to the McCartney surname

      McCarty Clan Page

                               A work in progress page with a large surname index and other links dedicated to this Irish Clan which also includes these variations MacCarty, Mackartee, McArdy, McArthy, McCarde, McCardy, McCart, McCarter, McCartey, Carthy, McCarthy, McCartie, Carty, McCarty, McHardy as well as other names in webmaster's genealogy.

      McKee Genealogy Page

                               A work in progress page dedicated to the McKee surname

[Image]        Morris Genealogy

               A Page by A.J. Morris which contains methods to order or download newsletters, books and other Morris genealogy and information on the Morris' of County Galoway Ireland.

   The Wedderburn Pages

                             A new and growing site on the Wedderburn family, a sept of the Home/Hume clan, and its descendants throughout the world.


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