The Biggs' Boys

By Ken Stofer

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Biography of Jack Briggs

Air Sea Rescue,  RAF

   I was employed with the hydrographic survey as a coxswain. Capt Seymour-Biggs interviewed me at his home and aware that my present employment was seasonal, thought I would be a good candidate for a short service commission in the R.A.F.

   I left Victoria in 1938, at age 23 traveled by U.S. railway to New York and thence to Halifax. I paid my own way on the Andania P&O Line. I met a friend from Victoria aboard by name of Stewart Macro who was joining the RAF. He was an ex Customs officer. I arrived in Southampton in March, 1938.

   I joined the RAF in London during the same week of my arrival in England. I went to Uxbridge for training. During my career I was Stationed at Calshot, Greenoch, Shetland Islands. I served with Air-Sea Rescue and picked up many survivors1 during the Battle of Britain. Later in 1941, I was posted overseas and sailed in a convoy, which was occasionally attacked by enemy subs, to Egypt via Cape Good Hope. On the termination of war in Europe I transferred to the R.C.A.F.

----- Jack Briggs

1In the first six months of 1941, some 1,200 aircrew crashed into the sea. Many were killed but 450 were rescued. After that, over 1,000 a year were rescued during the war(taken from Canadians in the R.A.F. by Les Allison).

Copyright 2005 Ken Stofer, All Rights Reserved


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