Biography of Peter Arsenault

NACCCA NE Regional Director and President NACCCA Chapter 92, First Aid Man, Enrollee, Company 2102, Camp Fechner, in Danbury, Connecticut

   I joined the CCC because when I graduated from high school I could not find a job. I heard about the ccc and being from a family of 12 children it would benefit my family by my joining the ccc since they would not have to feed me and would get $25 month.

   I was in Company 2102, Camp Fechner, in Danbury, Connecticut in 1935 to 1936. The company worked in the forest cutting down trees and burning the wood because the trees were infected with dutch disease.

   I was the first aid man for Camp 2102. I became a medic because I had a high school education. The navy doctor said I could read and gave me a first aid book to study.

   I made extra money by selling CCC banners and pillow tops with verses of mother and sweetheart to the ccc boys in my camp. I heard about this in a newspaper that came to the camp. It went to all the ccc camps.

   I was friendly with Raymond Dean. He introduced me to his sister and when I left the CCC in 1939 I married her. We were married 55 years when she passed away.

   During the war I worked for the U.S. Aluminum Co. in Bridgeport, Conn. I was a supervisor in the physical lab. We made airplane cylinder heads.

   In 1982 I organized National Association of CCC Alumni NACCCA Chapter 92 in Milford, CT. I also became Northeast Regional Director for the CCC alumni. I am 88 years old and the CCC is something I will never forget.

----- Peter Arsenault


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