Biography of William Bradish

CCCMan, Camp Newberry, Newberry, Michigan

     I was a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression years. I was sent to Newberry, Michigan, in the upper peninsula. The men of that company were engaged in various work in the forests there. Tree planting was one task I recall. I myself had been appointed as a Cook in the Mess Hall. Each day we would provide three square meals for the roughly 200 enrollees as well as the Army Officers and staff who ran the camp.

     One of our camp buildings is still in use. I have been told that a Logging Museum in Newberry uses it as part of their facilities. I also am told that today the forests my company worked to protect and make accessible to the public remain a popular tourist site, hosting snowmobilers and other out door events through out the winter.

      I remain a member of the CCC through our veterans group, the National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni. I will be going this year to the big national reunion of the NACCCA and hope to see old friends and new ones as well.

----- William Bradish


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