Forrest S. Clark, 67th Sqdn, 44th Bomb Group, 8th AF, USAAF

   A little known piece of World War II equipment was the "bunny suits".  WWII airmen had to wear these for high altitude flying.

   They were Easter egg blue hence the name "bunny suits" and they reached from the neck to the ankles and were wired with a plug in cord to a heater in the aircraft. Only trouble was they did not work about 50 percent of the time and you froze at 20,000 feet. They could short out or become unplugged and then you were subject to frost bite.  

    The Bunny Suit was just a part of the routine. I had to put on about four layers of clothing for missions plus a Mae West, parachute harness, oxygen mask, and a spare chute if I could get one. All this made using the relief tube difficult at altitude and many times you had to hold it until got down again. And If you did not shave for three or four days the oxygen mask would not fit properly and it would leak so you did not get the full benefit of the oxygen.

   There was a ritual in getting dressed in those days for high altitude flying. And it was an important one.

----- Forrest Clark



Forrest S. Clark, 67th Sqdn, 44th Bomb Group, 8th AF, USAAF

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