Biography of Patrick J. Burke, Jr.

CCCMan, Company 2387, Fort Hunt, Alexandria, Virginia

Seabees, WWII, USN

   I was a member of Co. 2387, Fort Hunt, Alexandria, Va. Our camp was a show place for visiting dignitaries, and the pride of President Roosevelt. We were located on Mt. Vernon Boulevard, about three miles from George Washington Visitor's Center.

     I enlisted in early September, 1940 and was discharged the 1st week of October, 1941.

     After the second month in CCC I was selected to go to Cooks & Bakers School in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. I did not care for the Cook-Baker school.

    Near the end of my first six months the Chief Auto Mechanic asked me if I would like to work for him. He was a civilian employee. His name was Paul Rasin. I went to work for him. When I left the CCC I was an Assistant Leader.

     After I left the CCC one year, I returned to my home at Munhall, Pa, near Pittsburgh, Pa. I went to work at U.S. Steel, located at Homestead, Pa.

     Eight months later I enlisted in the U.S. Navy Seabees, serving from June 1942 to February 1946.

     I enjoyed being a member of the CCC. I wish the country still had the triple C's, it would do a lot for the young men today.

----- Patrick J. Burke, Jr.


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