Biography of Ralph Castelluccio

CCCMan, Company 1259, Camp Canyon, Yellowstone National Park & Pelican Creek, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming & Camp Christie Brook, Camp 48-NY, Sloatsburg, New York

   I was one of the first enrollees to go into the Civilian Conservation Corps. I joined in April 11, 1933. I joined at the N.Y.P.E. in New York and trained there through June 2, 1933 while they prepared our transportation.

    We were put on a train on June 3rd to our destination for Yellow Stone National Park. It was the first time I was out of the city of New York. It was a wonderful experience. I never saw such mountains like the Rocky Mountains. It took us several days to get there. Once there we had to put up tents to live in. These were 40 man tents, which were WW I Hospital tents.

    I was in Company 1259 in Camp Canyon in Yellowstone National Park. We did forest work, transplanting trees and clearing brush and so on. We also kept a look out for fires and from August 16th through August 19, 1933 we were sent to Pelican Creek in Yellowstone National Park to fight a fire. We received a certificate from the Ranger in charge and the Project Superintendent for this work.

    My six month enlistment ended on September 26, 1933 and I was discharged at Camp Dix, New Jersey. I worked for a time in civilian life, working as a painter's helper. At the next enlistment cycle, however, I reenlisted in the CCCs.

    I re-enlisted on April 13, 1934 and was sent to Camp Christie Brook, #48-NY, in Sloatsburg, New York. There we did various work, including building a dam. I was discharged at the end of my term on September 20, 1934. I have several photographs of my time in the CCCs.

----- Ralph Castelluccio


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