Company 494, Camp TVA-27, Norris Lake, Camp TVA-45, Norris Dam, Tennessee

Pursuant to the Official Annual, CCC, C District, Fourth Corps Area, USA

   Tennessee Valley Authority Camp (TVA) Company Number 494 had a history in an Annual of C District CCC Fourth Corps Area. This is that history and some surmise by the submitter as well, who worked on projects in this area.

   Company 494 was formed at Thornhill, Tennessee on July 27, l935. according to the annual (Produced by Direct Advertising Co., Baton Rouge, LA) On that date an advance cadre of 12 men arrived at the camp from Company 1472 Henryville, TN. On August 13 following one hundred and eighty-Eight members at Thornhill from South Carolina. The new company occupied the old camp site of Company 254,a Second Corps Company that had recently been transferred to the Ninth Corps. While at that location, which was at the head waters of Norris Lake, Company 494 (TVA-45) was engaged in erosion control , for the specific purpose of preventing silt from washing into the lake.The number of the project was TVA-27, as the work was being done for the Tennessee Valley Authority.During the coldest part of the coldest winter that this part of the country has known for years, Company 494 left is original location and moved to Camp TVA-45 in the shadow of Norris Dam. The move was started on February 3, 1936, and the morning reports show that February 6, one hundred and seven men were turned over to the Forest Service for work. Since the Company has been at this location, it has worked on the greatest variety of projects of any TVA Camp. It has built a large fish hatchery, built seventy-five miles of fence, constructed parking areas and recreational ceters, done experimental planting and maintained the large TVA Tree Crop Nursery just below Norris Dam. This camp probably did many other projects. The Company was probably disbanded in l938 or l939. The annual contains a few photos mess hall, breaking up rock line up for messhall classroom, tying up grafted trees, landscaping, volleyball team, movie audience, retreat, work project, calesthenics, putting up guardrail, cooks and K.P.'s, digging a ditch for a water line to the fish hachery, pictures of using service technical personnel.

----- Provided by Hobart Parish