Biography of Chester R. Nichols

CCCMan, Company 934, Camp F-14, Darrington, Washington

   I joined the C.C.C. on June 20, 1935. I was a member of Company 934, commanded by Captain Sedric A. Payette, CA-Res., 14th CA. I was stationed at Camp F-15, Darrington, Washington, where we built trails, cleaned camp sites and did odd jobs in and around the camp. Later some of us were sent to a logging camp on the Sauk River where we did the types of jobs that we did at Darrington. We also helped the loggers fight and put out small forest fires.

    We then moved to a place called Verlot which was a national forest ranger camp. We built our living quarters, our own mess hall, a library et cetera. We built a bridge across the Stillaguamish River, built roads and trails in the area. I also did K.P. duty and enjoyed it so much I became a cook.

    I was discharged from the C.C.C. on August 11, 1937.

    About a year ago I drove to Verlot to see what it was like. There is a small forest ranger station there and a room with pictures, etc. of the old C.C.C.

----- Chet Nichols

Company 934 Roster for 1937, Camp F-114, Darrington, Washington (new 6/24/07)


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