Biography of Finlan Dumond

Mess Sergeant, Greenville. Company 160, Camp P-57-ME, Greenville, Maine & Company NF-13-NH, Stowe, ME & Company 158, Camp NP-2-ME, Southwest Harbor, Maine

U.S. Army

   I was in the CCC's. 1937 to 1940. My hometown was Fort Kent/Madawaska, Maine. I enlisted in Greenville, Me. My first campsite.

   We moved to Stowe, NH after the New England hurricane. Was in a military hospital in So. Portland.

   I was discharged and re-enlisted to South West Harbour. My CCC work included Kitchen duties, KP to cook to Mess Steward. In the CCC's I went up to mess sergeant.

   I was discharged again, spent some time in Connecticut, and then ENLISTED in the army. My time in the CCC's had broken me in for life in the army.

   In the army my job was a vehicle driver. On Saturday morning inspections in the barracks, I was never by my bed but by my vehicle in the motor pool. Inspecting personel would always say, "Who made that bed?". My bed was made up as if from a mold. A molded bed in the midst of a sea of sad sacks. Being an enlistee my army serial number started with a one, and my clothes barracks bag had my serial number on it. The inspecting officer would say, "Oh, from the old army".

   My service in the Army led me from Basic Training to North Africa to Italy and to a Beach Landing in Southern France. I was a jeep/car driver. Was on detached service from a quarter master (Curator's note I added the word Master).

   This is only part of my experiences with both lives.

   Thanks for listening.

   de finn.

   W1TCF Amateur radio

    Finland Dumond


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