Biography of Ernest E. Portwood

Enrollee, Company 1302, Camp F-6-W, Jackson, WY, Company 833, Camp F-2-W, Buffalon, WY & Camp SP-1-N, Sante Fe, NM & Camp F-30-N, San Marcial, NM & Camp F-9-W, Lander, WY

   I, Ernest Portwood,  joined the CCC's on July 13, 1933 at Jackson, Wyoming. I was assigned to Company 1302, Camp F-6-W. Although I knew how to drive a tractor, being a new man and only seventeen I was assigned to general forestry labor. I worked there until October 15th of that year when I moved to a new company.

   I served with Company 833, at Camp F-2-W in Buffalo, Wyoming from October 17th through the end of that month as an Axeman. Our work was again for the Forest Service.

   We then moved the company to Camp SP-1-N in Santa Fe, New Mexico, serving there from November 1, 1933 through April 11, 1934. Here we helped work on a State Park. After this we moved to Camp F-30-N in San Marcial, New Mexico to go back to Forestry work, arriving on April 13th.

   We stayed there until June 2, 1934 when, the cold weather being over, it was time to return to Wyoming. We were transferred this time to Camp F-9-W in Lander, Wyoming for more forestry work. My crew was assigned to Road Construction.

   I learned many skills in the C.C.C.s, including gettign some high school credit and being certified as a welder. I completed my time in the CCCs in Lander on September 30, 1934. I received an Honorable Discharge signed by the officer of our Company Edwin L. Fetzer, 1st Lieutenant, Infantry Reserve. I then was given transportation back to my home, and birthplace, Newcastle, Wyoming.

----- Ernie Portwood


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