Marion C. Hoffman, 323rd Sqdn, 91st Bmb Grp, 8th AF, USAAF

     During WWII there were a lot of American GI's in England. Here are two sayings the English girls created about American GI's.   The English as they said about the Yanks - The Yanks are overpaid, overfed, over-sexed and over here?

     While going through some old papers and the page was yellow with age. I copied this off in exact format from original to put on internet. Hope you don't mind my sharing, maybe most of you saw the original product. Enjoy.

An English Girl's Impression Of Invasion By The Yanks

 1-Dear Ole England, not the same,  We dreaded invasion, well it came,

     But now its not the beastly Hun,   The damn Yankee's Armies came.

 2-You see them on the train and bus,  There isn't room for both of us,

     We walk to let them have our seats,  Then get ran over by their Jeeps.

 3-They moan about our luke warm beer,  Think beer is like water over here,

     But after drinking two or more,  You find them lying on the floor.

 4-You should see them try to dance,  They grab a partner, start to prance,

     When you're half dead, they stop and smile,  "How's about it, honey `chile?"

 5-We see them try to jitter-bug,  They twist and turn, pull and tug,

     It's enough to make Red Indians jealous,  Yet Yanks are civilized, so they tell us.

 6-Yankee officers make us smile,  Wear light colored pants you can see a mile,

     We wonder if they are mice or men,  Decide they are wolves, we avoid their den.

 7-With admiration we would stare,  At all the ribbons they would wear,

     And think of deeds so bold and daring,  That won those medals they are wearing.

 8-Alas, they have not fought the Hun,  No glorious battles have they won,

     That pretty ribbon just denotes,  They crossed the sea, brave men in boats.

 9-We speak to them, they just look lazy,  They think we're nuts, they think we'er crazy.

    Yet to our Allies, we must be nice,  They love us, yes, like cats love mice.

10-They laugh at us for drinking tea,  Yet funnier sights you'll never see,

    Than a gum-chewing Yank, with a dumb looking face,  He'll raise a smile any place.

11-They say they can shoot and fight,  Its true they can, yes, when they're tight,

     I say that their shooting's fine,  They can shoot a damn good line.

12-They tell us we have teeth like pearls,  They love our hair the way it curls,

     Our eyes could dim the brightest stars,  We're in competition with Heddy LaMarr.

13-We are their love, their life, their all,  And for no other could they fall,

     They will love us till death do us part,  If we leave them, it will break their heart.

14-And when they leave us broken hearted,  The camp has moved, your love departed,

     We wait for mail that never arrives,  And realize we've been told some awful lies.

15-In a different town and a different place,  To a different girl and a different face,

     It's  -  "I love you darling, please be mine,"

     It's the same old Yank, with the same damn line.

-----  Marion C. Hoffman


Marion C. Hoffman, 323rd Sqdn, 91st Bmb Grp, 8th AF, USAAF

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