Biography of Orin Henry Foutz

CCC Man Company 1838, Camp Tanque Verde, DF-42-A, Madera Canyon, Tucson, AZ

    My father Orin Henry Foutz was born in Safford, and lived in Miami and Superior, AZ. His family was nearly destitute having 4 siblings and one with medical problems. Though he was not the oldest he knew he had to contribute. So being the genius he was he came up with the scheme to aid in supporting his family, meaning he lied about his age so that he could join the Civilian Conservation Corps. He was in Company 1838 and worked on Project DF-42-A near Tucson. His photographs of the camp are dated July 13, 1934. As his camp was first occupied by men from Wyoming in 1933, it seems he was part of the second company to occupy the camp the following year.

   I am refurbishing my father’s photo albums from years 1934 - 1945. Many of the pictures are about projects he worked on around and south of Tucson. On drives between Superior and Miami, AZ he would say “see that rock wall on the side of the mountain, me and others built it. It doesn’t come from anywhere and doesn’t go anywhere.”

   After realizing he could earn more in the service of his country he did enlist. His older brother (my Uncle Tom) had joined the US Army at Fort Bliss, TX. A couple years later Orin joined him in the same horse drawn artillery unit.

   From the horse drawn artillery to an actual motorized artillery unit to then being transferred to the Philippines coastal artillery units on Corregidor. He was transferred back stateside and arrived just after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He had always talked of being on the last boat to leave the Philippines before the Japs invaded. How lucky is that. But so many of his friends and comrades were the ones killed and incarcerated when overran in the first attacks. He was met at the off ramp once arriving in San Francisco when he was told “sorry, but you are being retained at the convenience of the government until cessation of hostilities etc, etc.” Again being the genius that he was that when asked what his jobs had been he told them “a propeller mechanic”. He new the hardships of where he had come from and was not excited about going back to it. Orin read and studied to learn all he could to prove himself worthy. Many accolades was received by him during the following years. Promotions, several meritorious and even receiving a 'Bronze Service Star’ therefore not suffering those hardships of his amigos at war.

   Any information about his company, camp or service would be appreciated.

----- Tom Cox

Orin’s Bud, Bill Harvey, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

More of Orin’s Buddies, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

A View of Camp, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Orin Henry Foutz CCC ID Photo, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Orin Henry Foutz using Jack Hammer, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Orin Foutz with buddy Emanuel Barria, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Mount Baldy and Madera Canyon and Company 1838 Camp, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Mount Baldy and Madera Canyon and Company 1838 Camp, Closer to Camp, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

George Cox "Drugstore Cowboy", John Hughey "Sea Hag", Bill Harvey "Manny", Walter Cox "Cherry", Travis Brown "Pasty", Cecil Curin "Sizzle", Arnold Gallardo "Giant" & "The Mad Musician", Walt Jennings "Pete the ??? Smith", Frankj Dietero "Gopher", William Albo "Memo" per notes on back of photo, hard to read, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Back of Group Photo Above with Names and Nicknames, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Lieutenant Simpson and Captain Roper, Company 1838, Madera Canyon, Tucson, AZ

Back of Photo of Company Officers Above, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

Other Men from Camp, Bill Harvey, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ

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