Biography of George James

CCC Man, Camp SCS-5-C, Springfield, CO & Camp NP-4-C, Estes, Colorado

   I spent two years in the Cs, six months in Springfield, Colorado in Camp SCS-5-C, and eighteen months in Estes Park, Colorado in Camp NP-4-C.

   The six months in Springfield was spent building stock water dams in the immediate area and in the nearby Oklahoma Panhandle. Both places were suffering being right in the middle of the Dust Bowl era.

   During my tenure at Estes Park we worked mainly on building trails to the many surrounding high lakes. We also helped on the maintenance of Trail Ridge Road, one of the highest continuous roads in the U.S.. It crosses the Continental Divide at 1200 plus feet.

   Last and fortunately least, we spent time looking for lost children that wandered away from camping or picnic areas. Also lost adult hikers.

   That's about all I have of stories in the Cs. All of my funny and scary ones came during and after WWII.

----- Greg James


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