Biography of Leslie David Jones

CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 869, Farmersville and Kaufman Texas

   Leslie David Jones "Scrapiron" Entered CCC October 1934 was there for the move to Kaufman in July 1935. I also remember Mr. Littlepage the State Forman but have good memories of his son "Earnest" a member of the same Company and a truck driver on the concrete crew under direction of B. W. Williams from Van Alystine Texas. Both these men were fine fellows as were many in the corps. I played a little baseball with the corps, mostly so I could go to the games, We won District and BI District in '35. The coach was Mr. Rhea, another fine fellow.

   I still recall many names and have many good memories of my time with the CCC , but being 90 plus all your memories are golden.

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