Biography of Charles Kalowec

CCCMan, Company 2526, Camp G-143, Rogerson, Idaho

    I Charles Kadlowec was in C.C.C. Camp Rogerson, Idaho, Camp No. 2526, Camp G-143. I was there from January 1940 to June 1940.

    Army Reserve Captain John Newton was our Company Commander. Our Company C.C.C. enlisted men were from Ohio in 1939 to 1940.

    This camp was in cattle and sheep ranching land. We built 3 wire line fence on the Idaho, Nevada State Border to separate Grazing Districts. We also improved and built water stock reservoirs, and improved existing roads with crushed rock. We built new stock roads by clearing sage brush and large rock formations. We built wooden plank bridges over creeks.

    We worked outside until the temperature was 30 degrees below zero, when there was a danger of frosted lungs.

    We had a "spike" camp at Three Creek Idaho. This was just a post office address. It is still on the map of Idaho. The U.S. Geodetic marker at Three Creek Camp indicated the elevation was 5,280 feet, one mile above sea level.

    I had a personal experience of being in Twin Falls fifty years to the month later. I am, as many three C's men are, a World War Two vet.

    I now live in Arkansas. The C.C.C. was very active in this state as well.

----- Charles Kalowec


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