Biography of Lowell "Red" Moore

CCC Enrollee, Company 766, Kramer, North Dakota & Company 5704, Kooskia, Idaho & Camp F-190, Lowell, Idaho

   My late father, Lowell "Red" Moore was born December 07, 1924 in Marmaduke, Arkansas. He completed the 8th grade in 1939 and worked as a farm laborer. He entered the CCC on January 12, 1942 at Little Rock, Arkansas. He was assigned to the 766th Company at Kramer, North Dakota. He later transferred to Company 5704, Kooskia, Idaho. He was assigned to camp F-190 in Lowell, Idaho where he did road construction and some fire tower watch duty. He later cooked for the officers mess making homemade biscuits and gravy for the officers on weekends. Pop's name was spelled Loyal, but he changed the spelling to Lowell during his stay at Lowell, Idaho Camp F-190.

   He was discharged on June 17, 1942. When he got back home he used what little money he earned to pay the family grocery bill. He was called for military service, but did not pass the physical. He and mom married in August, 1943. I was born in September, 1947. Pop worked in furniture stores, was a floor mechanic laying all sorts of floor goods. He later worked for Emerson Electric in Paragould, Arkansas as a Die Grinder.

   I lost Pop in March, 1985. In 1998, my son and I took some time off and went to Kramer, North Dakota to look up the CCC Camp. It was non existent and even the locals knew little about it. We went on to Lowell, Idaho in our quest. There we found the site of Camp F-190. One of the original buildings is still in use by the Forest Service and there is a small camping area on the banks of the Lochsa River. We camped there for a couple of days . It was great to spend time with my son at the site of his grandfathers CCC experience..........

----- Larry W. Moore


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