Biography of Paul Avis Mullins

CCC Man, Company 2382, Camp Dickenwise, Camp P-79-Va, Clintwood, VA & Camp Mullen, VA

   My father Paul Avis Mullins of Clintwood Virginia was with Company 2382, Camp Dickenwise, Camp P-79-Va, Clintwood, Virginia (Source Matchbook Cover printed for Company Canteen), and Camp Malone which I believe is now Douthat State Park Douthat State Park, Route 1, Box 212, Millboro, VA 24460. The photograph shows him at that Camp.

Paul Avis Mullins (the short fella in front (next to last man on right), and companions, Camp Malone.

   Douthat was the work site for 600 CCC men from three camps who built Douthat's facilities. Between 1933 and 1942, these men cleared trails, built a dam and spillway, cabins, a guest lodge, a restaurant, an information center, superintendent's residence, swimming beach, picnic areas and maintenance buildings all of which remain in use, with hand-carved wooden doorknobs and hinges, and wrought iron light fixtures and latches made by the CCC men.

   Any information about his company, camp or service would be appreciated.

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