Biography of Ed Pittman

CCC Man, Enrollee, Appalachian Trail

   Ed Pittman from Athens, GA on Nowhere Road is my father and he has told me about the CCC’s and how much he enjoyed being part of it. He helped build the Appalachian Trail, but I am not sure of the name of the camp(s). He is 86 years old now, living in Florida and enjoying his life. He is very active, going to the gym 3 times a week, which is 3 times more than I do. He still loves outdoors and besides the upkeep of property he owns and working on other people’s cars, he grows vegetables in his garden every year.

   I will ask him to tell me more about the time he was in the CCC’s, but he told me some things in the past. He told me about the salary of $30.00, ($5 he kept and the rest he sent home to his mother), and he told how they could walk to the nearest town on their days off and enjoy themselves at a “show”. He said they had plenty of money with $5.00 to spend.

   He also told me about the guys throwing milk and fruit to families standing on the side of the roads in the mountains. Usually, these were families of men who were not around to help them out. Some he said were families of moonshiners who had been caught by the “Revenuers”. He said everyone helped each other in those days and looked out for one another.

   Nothing has changed with him, as he has spent his life helping others to this day. He is very successful just being who he is. He was and still is the best father in the world. We all love him very much.

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