Biography of Joseph F. Pollick

CCCMan, Company 2865, Camp DG-46, Kingman, Arizona

     My father, Joseph F. Pollick, was born Aug.9,1920 in Glassport,Pa. to Phillip & Anna Snapp Pollick. He served with the CCC in Kingman, Arizona in 1938. I believe he was with a crew that was putting up fence. There were three CCC camps near Kingman at the time. The other two were State Park Camps, while the third was a Division of Grazing Camp. The fence building work was most often a Grazing Camp job, done to protect pasture land. Therefore it is likely that he served with Company 2865 at Camp DG-46. The photo looks more like Grazing work then State Park work as well.

     The indication of Sergeant would seem to say he was a Leader, which was a CCC version of Sergeant. Unless that was a reference to his later rank in the Army.

     After the CCCs he served in WWII with the 12th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division in the Pacific Theatre. He received the Bronze Star.

     After the war he was a Softball pitcher for Pittsburgh Industrial Steel. Had a few no hitter games. He later worked for the American Car & Foundry Co. in Berwick, Pa. as a welder.

     He married Dorothy Burke in 1942 in Allegheny Co.,Pa.and had 4 children: Robert, Joseph,Jr., Terry, Rebecca.



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