Biography of Cecil L. Ragland

CCCMan, Company 2383, Camp SP-26, Quantico, Virginia

   I joined the C.C.C. in May of 1936. I left my home in Perkinsville, Virginia, to report to Army Doctors in Richmond. My cousin, Edward Sargent, from Crozier, Virginia, joined at the time that I did. We left Richmond on the Southern train to proceed to West Point, Virginia. There to board ship to take us to Baltimore, Maryland. We arrived there in the cold gray dawn. At this point we felt like two small boys far from home.

   The B&O railroad transported us to Fort Meade, Maryland. While there we lived in tents and learned some basic army rules.

   We were next transported by the RF&P railroad to Quantico, Virginia. A Reo stake body truck took us to our C.C.C. camp in the Woods.

   The Camp Address was Company 2383, SP-26. This was to be my home for 18 months.

   Three Army officers were in charge. Our commanding officer was Captain Walter Rice, Infantry Reserve. Our medical doctor was 1st Lt. Clayton Mather, Medical Reserve. The Third Officer was 1st Lt. Richard G. Sloan, Cavalry Reserve.

   Some of the many things the C.C.C. boys did at SP-26 was build roads, fire trails, develop wayside park on Highway 1, Beautify Road Triangle to Quantico.

   As a result the Marines invited the whole camp to have Thanksgiving Dinner with them. What a meal, I remember it to this day. The Marines could cook as well as fight. Semper Fi!

   The eighteen months I was in the C.C.C. was a most happy time and a great adventure for a 16 year old boy.

   Having left the C.C.C. I went to work for the Continental Can Company to retire after 39 1/2 years. After retirement I moved to Florida to spend my sunset years in the Florida sun. I am Age 82 at this time.

   I have a 8x12 picture taken in 1936 of the officers and boys at our camp. Would like to see or hear from my C.C.C. buddies that were at camp 2383 SP-26 Quantico, Virginia.

----- Cecil L. Ragland


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