Biography of John P. Robinson

CCC Man, Unknown Company, Belton, MT

    My Dad John Philip Robinson was in the CCC in 1933. He was in Belton, Montana I have picture of this I don't known what camp he was in. I know he worked in Glacier National Park. I also know he took us all over this land when we were young and we camped in many national parks. I never knew how much this was part of his life or how what he did was so important. He was a man of not many words but i would like to known more.

   Any information about his company, camp or service would be appreciated.

----- M. Bornschein

Curator's note, the name given to me was John Plilp Robinson, I presume the middle name was a typo and corrected to Phillip. However one of my relatives was a Philp so its possible I got that wrong, hence the "P." in the title. Also I don't know if it was one L as above, or John Phillip Robinson.


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