Joe Rodimak

Enrollee, Company 1392, Camp D-2 Goldsboro, MD

Lt Col (Ret.), 21st Replacement Depot, Hollandia, New Guinea and Manila, PI, WWII & 7th Army Ordnance Depot, Boebligen, Germany, Korea & 2071st USAR School, Cold War, USA

   Hi, My name is Joseph G. Rodimak, and I served two terms in CCC's, in Camp D-2, 1392nd Co., Goldsboro, Md in 1938, under Capt Malcohm F. Reed. and in 1939 under George M. Hunt, Subaltern, Commanding. At this time I was the Hospital Orderly under Kube Krichovetz, M.D. Camp Physician. My Home town at this time was Marydel, Maryland. I went to grammer school in Marydel with my younger brother James Rodimak now living in Delaware.

   I enlisted in the Army in 1940 at Camp Holabird, Baltimore, Md. I Became Supply Sergeant in the QM Detachment, Motor Transport. I received my appointment as WOJG and shipped to Fort Wayne Detroit Michigan Ordnance Depot, asst Supply Officer, Under command Col Hare. Transferred to 21st Replacement Depot as Supply specialist and from there to Hollandia, New Guniea and to Manila P.I.

   Returned home as CWO and later received commision as 2nd Lt Ordnance Corps reserves. I was recalled during the Korean War, Sent to Germany Boebligen, 7th Army Ordnance Depot. I returned to reserve unit 2071st USAR School and from there retired from S3 slot as Lt Col. Retired in 1981. Now living in The Hurricane state of  Florida.

----- Joe Rodimak

Email: jrodimak AT tampabay DOT rr DOT com


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