Biography of Raymond Saladin

Enrollee,  CCCMan, Company 259, Plattsburgh, NY (while forming) & Company 1290, Camp 212, Headquarters, Idaho

   My grandfather, Raymond Saladin, of Whitehall, NY, was a member of the Civilian Conservation Corp Company 1290 in 1933. While he was enrolled, he kept a diary of his travel and the names of fellow members, most of whom were from New York. I thought other researchers may be interested in this information. List of fellow members & where they were from: (Diary Entries below). (Curator's note - another man from this camp believes some of the names are incorrect. His recollection of the names, including his own, are set forth at the end of the biography below).

Mickey Lyons, Troy

Rolland Murphy, Hudson

Philip Marrone, Amsterdam

Harry Allen, Syracuse

Henry Argus, Syracuse

Charlie Kussin, Albany

Howard Lathan, Randall

Juuardi Bartholomew, Schenectady

Alex Jackson, Odgensburg

Red DeLoungo, Schenectady

Tom Fojier, Cohoes

Chuck Chambers, Potlatch, Idaho

Karl Peterson, Idaho

Sharkey Debello, Schenectady

Chunk Ferino, Troy

Walter Andrus, Lewiston, Idaho

Mity Mckowski, Utica

Stan Juykewits, Utica

Russ Vitallo, Schenectady

Erwin Golf, Mineville

Frank Kotowick, Schenectady

Reno Gondello, Schenectady

Tom Simpson, Mineville

Fred Ryan, Mineville

Saup Kaslo, Mineville

Al Guernsey, Moscow, Idaho

Ken Nelson, Spaulding, Idaho

B. Barry, Syracuse

J. Lo Golowiski, Troy

Don Hofferty, Watertown

Rosku Roberts, Clayburgh

T. Tracy, Cohoes

J. Schemling, Schenectady

B. Ward, Ogdensburg

J. Zelavkn, Cohoes

D. Gufajo, Fulton

L. Perkins, Salem

McArther, Ticonderoga

G. Buchir, Fulton

J. Rosicky, Troy

J. Flynn, Rochester

H. Munton, Rochester

Bill Harlow, Planville, NJ

J. Landayon, Troy

Wm. Swacck, Troy

S. Fish, Hudson Falls

E. Marreti, Ticonderoga

L. Vigoluttio, Ticonderoga

N. Ronachack, Albany

J. Villio, Rochester

A. Hannel, Watertown

Ti Frazer, Troy

J. Daw, Ogdensburg

H. Hirsh, Ogdensburg

Farrel, Ogdensburg

B. Walker, Ogdensburg

R. H. Tipton, Riggins, In.

L. Maceace, Crown Point

G. Graham, Crown Point

C. Botoreci, ?

S. Latoreci, Rochester

J. Grace, Troy

H. H. Hart, Albany

R. Potter, Port Henry

G. McCarthy, Syracuse

L. McCarthy, Cohoes

G. Allen, Troy

A. LaFlair, Ogdensburg

R. Ledick, Utica

J. White, Lowy Lk.

G. LaMotz, Amsterdam

C. Frovack, Cohoes

B. Riechel, Utica

Dwernty, ?

T. Burns, Cohoes

A. Pumpinela, Utica

N. Bumps, Malone

D. Marcy, Cobleskill

H. Thompson, Ticonderoga

J. Arthur, Ticonderoga

Diary entries:

States we went through traveling to CCC Co. 1290 in Idaho:

New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington.

Cities traveled through on way west: Plattsburgh, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, NY. Erie, PA; Cleveland, Toledo, Sandusky, Ohio; South Bend, Eclar, Penn; Chicago, Elgin, Illinois; Tama, Council Bluff, Savana, Iowa; Omaho, Columbus, Grand Island, Kearney, North Platt, Sidney, Nebraska; Darlenburg, Colorado; Cheyene, Larine, Rawlings, Rock Springs, Granger, Montpelier, Wyoming; Cammeron, Pocatella, Nanpa, Lewiston, Boise, Idaho; Walla Walla, Oregon; Tocannon, Washington.

Diary in Idaho:

May 17, 1933: Left Whitehall at 8:00 am, arrived in Albany at 10:30 am. Left there for Plattsburgh at 8:20 am {I assume this is a mistake} and arrived in Plattsburgh at 3:40 pm.

May 18th: Got vaccination and first innoculation

May 19th: Signed the oath

May 23rd: Got second innoculation

May 26th: Changed Co. from 259th to 1290

May 27th: Ray went home

May 30th: Got third innoculation

June 1st: First Pay $2.00

June 22nd: Left Plattsburgh 3:30 pm

June 26th: Arrived at headquarters in Idaho 8:00 pm

July 1st: Second pay $5.00

July 2nd: Walked to camp 259

July 4th: No work; went to 259

July 5th: Started actual forest work, blister rust. Also received first mail.

July 6th: Took first lunch into woods

July 8th: Got first inspection in camp

July 21st: Ray & I took day off

July 22nd: Less B. came to camp 1290

July 31st: Got third pay $3.00

Aug. 11th: Took day off

Aug. 12th: Went to 244

Aug. 13th: Came back from 244

Aug. 19th: Less B. came to 1290

Aug. 30th: Went on strike for more food.

Aug. 31st: Got fourth pay $4.00

Sept. 4th: Went to camp 259

Sept. 23rd: Ray went to 259

Oct. 2nd: Blister rust ended.

Oct. 4th: Started from camp 212 at 8:00 am, arrived at headquarters 12:15 pm

Oct. 5th: Started from headquarters at 8:30 pm.

Oct. 9th: Arrived at Ft. Dix at 4:30 am

Oct. 10th: Got physical exam

Oct. 11th: Left Ft. Dix at 3:50 am and arrived at Whitehall at 3:40 am

Cities we went through on way back to Camp Dix:

Washington: Spokane

Montana: Paradise, Desmet, Messonia, Garison, Helena, Logon, Billings, Miles City, Clindine

North Dakota: Bearh, Dickinson, Manlin, Bismark, Jameston, Sanborn, Fargo

Mississippi: Walena, Staples, Little Falls, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Wisconsin: Knapp, Eauclaire, Altoona, Fairchild, Menilian, Elroy, Baraboo, Madison (capital)

Illinois: Chicago, Plymouth

Indiana: Fort Wayne

Ohio: Lima

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Cicembria, Johnston, Cresson, Altoona, Lewiston, Harrisburgh, Philadelphia

New Jersey: Camden, Mount Holly, Camp Dix, Trenton, Elizabethtown, Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark

New York: New York City, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Poughkeepsie, Hudson, Albany, Troy, Cohoes, Saratoga, Whitehall.

  He also had a photo album with many pictures of the men and the work done while in the CCCs.


Curator's Note - The son in law of Company 1290 member James R. Arthur states that some of the names above are not as his father-in-law remembers them. The corrections he states are as follows:

J. Arthur should be: James R. Arthur (that's my father-in-law from Ticonderoga,NY)

McArthur is likely: Millard Arthur (that's my father-in-laws brother from Ticonderoga, NY)

E. Moretti is likely: Edmond Morett (my father-in-laws best friend, his nickname was "Undy") he's also from Ticonderoga

L. Vigooluttio is likely: Lou Vigliotti (my father-in-laws friend, also from Ticonderoga


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