Biography of Andrew Shaw

CCC Man, Company 1273, Camp S-212, Elk River, Idaho & Unknown Company Camp, Idaho

    Andrew A. Shaw (1908-1994) was an advocate for veteran's rights, a former Marine who served in Panama, a Sergeant in the United Sates Army and a proud member of the CCC. He loved to travel but finally settled in Detroit, Mi. where he worked as a professional painter.

    I recently found through the archival records that Uncle Andy served in the CCC twice, both times in Idaho! One of these times was in Elk River, Idaho, from 1933-1934, where he was in Company 1273 in Camp S-212.

    Uncle Andy spoke little of his time in the service. I believe that the reason was that a young lady was not to be exposed to such experiences.

    He was a gentle man who cared for all and was dearly loved by his family.

   Any information about his company, camp or service would be appreciated.

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Advance Party, Co. 1273, Camp S-212, Elk River, ID

Fixing a Tent, Co. 1273, Camp S-212, Elk River, ID

Aerial View, Co. 1273, Camp S-212, Elk River, ID


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