Biography of Philip E. Teague

CCCMan, Company 2863, Camp SCS-24A, Rucker Canyon, Douglas, Arizona

   I was in the CCC from the first part of January 1940 to March 1941, about 15 months. My Serial Number was CC82863851, Company 2863, Camp SCS 24A, at Rucker Canyon, about fifty miles north of Douglas, Arizona. Also, I was on advance detachment building a new camp at or near Skull valley, west of Prescott, Arizona.

   There are lots of tales I could tell about Soil Conservation work, drunk Mexicans, evil men, fine people, and hard times. I did not and never did drink booze, visit whores or gamble. At $8.00 a month I could still lend a few dollars now and then.

   I am now 83 and have good memories of a valuable time spent in a learning experience that has helped me in many ways. I could write a book.

----- Philip E. Teague


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