Biography of John H. Thornton

CCCman, White River, St. Charles, Arkansas

   I, John H. Thornton, served in the CCC in 1936-1939, at St. Charles, Arkansas, while working on the White River.

    MOSQUITOES, Yikes! Working down near the river and swamps the worst thing to have to deal with were those pesky mosquitoes. As I remember it they were "Thicker than fleas on a bluetick hound"! We were provided nets to sleep under every night and after supper the guys would sit around and exchange rumors on how big, and how hungry they were! One fellow said those mosquitoes were so big they could carry a horse across the river and when those skeeters were finished, you could hear them fighting over their shoes. Another guy said that the skeeters were so big he heard of them carry one of the men over the river and decided to turn back because the skeeters feared the bigger ones would take their catch! I caught malaria and was hospitalized for two(2) weeks and went home for a two(2) week recovery.

    Came back later and served the rest of my service time.

----- John H. Thornton


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