Biography of Wendell Workman

CCC Man, Camp BR-UT, Utah


          I found nothing but good about the CCC (Oh a little bad maybe on Saturday nights).  I met my wife while I was in the CCC. We were married June, 1940.

        My time in the CCC - April `37 to April `39. We made trails in the mountains and we also made a small dam, and it made a small lake for boating, fishing and farming.  I ws in Utah during that time. We were under the Army while in camp and the Bureau of Reclamation out on the job. The group in while I was there are about gone. They would be in their 80's (I'll be 83 this year).

       I'm sure alot of them were in the Armed Forces during WWII. I was in the Air Force 1942-1949 ( I had more fun in the CCC).

       I can't think of any wild goings on in the CCC but I'm sure a lot took place and I just don't remember it.

       This is a poor letter, but things fade and time goes on.  I think we all should thank F.D.R.

----- Wendell Workman


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