Biography of Dr. William Stein

Camp Doctor, Col., Company 2609, Camp DSP-10, Des Plaines, Illinois

     In 1935, my father, William Stein, was a medical doctor assigned to a CCC unit in Des Plaines, Illinois or a nearby location. He was on active duty as either a First Lieutenant or a Captain. (Probably the latter.) I was born in Cook County in February of that year, and I have a photograph of my father, in military uniform, standing in front of a gate that reads Fort McCoy. Another Army is in the photograph with him, but isn't identified.

     My father eventually retired from the Army as a Colonel, but his military records are among those destroyed at the Records Center Fire in St. Louis, Missouri.

     Do you have any information pertaining to the units in that area, especially the Army cadre that worked with the companies? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide or leads that you can suggest.

----- Allan E. Stein


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