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      The links below lead to web pages devoted to groups which portray a particular unit of Militia on the Rebel side during the revolutionary war.  The scope of the pages vary from treasure troves of historical information with colorful images to simple listings of the unit name and some aspects of their portrayal.  Each, however, likely contains some method of contacting the unit leader.  As such, these links should prove useful to other re-enactors seeking to contact their fellows and non-reenactors seeking enlistment information or simply browsing or doing research.

          The units listed in this and the following pages, to my knowledge, are the only ones portraying Rebel Militia units which maintain web pages.  There are other unit types which have pages, which are accessible from the Regimental.  Also, there are a vast number of units which maintain only e-mail addresses or have no web connections at all.  These may be contacted or explored via the Organizations links in the Regimental, particularly the Continental Line and BAR sites.

       The image to the left of the unit name is a powder horn with the initials of the state in which the unit was recruited.  Militia uniforms varied widely and often there was no uniform at all.  

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Regimental Muster

 Captain John Outwater's Company of Militia

                  ----------  A Bergen County Based New Jersey Militia

4th Middlesex Regiment  

                  ----------  A Massachussetts Militia portrayal as a second to a primary French Portrayal


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