by James Justin

     The day was hot and humid, the sun was high. My son was going to a reenactment. He asked me to join him , I put on a British uniform and went. We went to Fort Mifflin on the Delaware River.

     We had lunch and strolled about enjoying the festivities. My wife was dressed as a colonial Lady. We posed for many cameras. We went up on the ramparts They were demonstrating a cannon as they fired the cannon my son dropped on his back. The crowd loved it and applauded.

     John asked me if I wanted to fire his rifle. We went up on the escarpment and he gave me a crash course on firing the rifle. I bit the end off the paper and poured some into the pan closed the breach and cocked it , put the butt on the ground and poured the balance of the load into the barrel, I rested my elbow on the breastwork and fired. I fired five rounds it was loud and we had collected some people and kids . They asked questions , took pictures .John answered the questions . I stood leaning on my rifle and concealed my ignorance.

     As I rested on my laurels and contemplated how well I had done John asked me if I would be the flag bearer in the battle they were without one.

     I said I would and I was in. I took off my glasses , cranked up my hearing aid and told them to stay close and talk loud. They formed up I got a firm grip on the flag and we marched to do battle for God and King. I thought how did I an Irish man wind up bearing the Union Jack in a Tory regiment. We stopped several times and fired volleys then the officer in command leveled his sword and ordered the charge. We ran forward , I raised the flag on high and my pants started slipping We were beaten back just in time to save my pants. We then marched back inside the Fort and my tour of duty ended. I was informed the flag bearer is a junior officer, so I was a British officer and gentleman . My tour of duty over we left.

                     - James F. Justin, 1NJV