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      The links below lead to web pages devoted to Merchants who handle wares period to the time of the American Revolution and generally with the Historical Re-enactor in mind.  These links generally provide contact information, catalogs and possibly a means of ordering goods.  These Sites will in all likelihood only be of interest to the Re-enactor.  Other persons will find little of interest here, except possibly for the costumer though I believe costumers will find these items too costly for use as costumes due to the authenticity demanded by re-enactors and the price which results.

            This page is a portion of the Regimental, a site devoted to the Revolutionary War Re-enactment Hobby.  Click the link to that site for more links and information as to that Hobby.

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Suttler's Row

 Triplett Muzzleloaders and Supplies

                  ----------  Blackpowder supplies

 Blanket Brigade

                  ----------  Period Blankets and Blanket By Products

 Hamilton Dry Goods

                  ----------  Period Clothing, Fabric and Patterns

 Old Dominion Forge

                  ----------  Steel Items

 Goosebay Workshops

                  ----------  Metal Items

 Craigo Rifle Works

                  ----------  Blackpowder Items

 Z Flints

                  ----------  Cheater Flints

 Colonial Military Books

                  ----------  Books of and About The Period

 Heritage Books

                  ----------  Some Books relevant to Revolution

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