CCC Camp Receives Best in Ninth Corps Award

Wolf Creek, Roseburg, Oregon

     Eugene Oregon - Formal Recognition of their achievement in winning the designation as the best CCC camp in the Ninth Corps Area was awarded to the men of the Wolf Creek camp near Roseburg Nov. 15, with many civilians, Army and Forest Service dignitaries present.

     Each man who was a member of the company when it was named best in the corps received one of the ARMY AND NAVY JOURNAL bronze buttons emblematic of the achievement, while the officers received silver emblems. Capt. John Stark, commander of the camp, will receive his award in Washington.

     Many prominent citizens of Roseburg were in attendance, while Maj. James Frankland, of the Portland office of the Forest Service, represented that branch. Maj. Charles H. Corlett, district commander, presented the buttons.

     Mayor J. E. McClintock of Roseburg and Dr. E. J. Wainscott, president of the chamber of commerce there made short speeches, while Camp Superintendent John LeTourneax commented on the fine spirit shown by the men of the camp, all war veterans.

     Other prominent persons introduced included W. H. Gerretson, Commander of the Roseburg American Legion; Charles Clark, Commander of the Spanish War Veterans; Ward Cummings, Commander of the Disabled American Veterans, and E. R. Sherman, Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. W. C. Harding, chamber of commerce secretary, and F. L. Crittenden, of the celebration committee, were also presented.

    Telegrams were read from the Governor Julius I. Meier and Maj. Gen. Malin Craig.



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