Biography of John Steele

CCCMan, Company 1230, Camp Bradley, F-207, Auburn, California & Camp West Emerald,  F-186 Fernwood, Idaho & Camp S-133, Margaretville, New York

     John Steele Left Schaghticoke in 1934 for CCC training camp in Fort Dix, NJ and was shortly on his way to Auburn, California for work on the American River with CCC Company 1230. He remembers the discipline involved, the Army was running things after all. But there was also time for recreation. Corps members played cards, basketball, baseball and musical instruments in their spare time. Even a little boxing.

     "Clothing could be uncomfortable. You never got a pair of shoes that fit you. All of our clothes were from World War I." Working in wool clothing in the summer meant sweat. In Winter, sleeping in uninsulated barracks meant chills.

     There was no casual dress either. When the men were out of their work clothes, they lounged in shorts and ties. Lights out was at 10:30 p.m., up and at `em at 6 a.m.

     Mr. Steele's company soon moved to Camp F-186, in Fernwood, Idaho. There they fought to curtail an infestation of Blister Rust. Later the Company moved again, this time to Camp S-133 in Margaretville, New York.

     After the CCCs Steele found work in the Mohawk Paper Mill in Mechanicville. He is now President of the Capital District Chapter of the NACCCA. He looks back on his time in the CCCs as a happy time in his life. We were young. It was a great great experience.

NACCCA representatives, Left to Right, Carlton Morby, Don Dietz, John Steele, in front of CCC Building of Company 270, Camp S-72, Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, Delmar, New York

John Steele and Company, 1935, Camp F-186, in Fernwood, Idaho

NACCCA Chapter 82 Members looking at CCC memorabilia, Left to Right Louise Kulczycki, Carlton Morby, John Steele, Don Dietz, North Greenbush, NY



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