Betty Justin Collection

Garden Room

     The Art of Betty Justin combines her impressions of places of personal interest, seen in travels or daily life or created from memories of various places real and imagined. Still lifes also are a favorite subject, combining objects from the artists home and souveniers from travels or her own art creations. For the images in this exhibit the artist chose perhaps her favorite subject, flowers and fauna. Gardening is a hobby she has long enjoyed, having grown up in a family which always kept a pretty garden. One of her earliest photos shows her being held up as a young baby amidst the gardne of her grandmother. In these works the artist creates images of her own gardens, or those of others or idealistic representations of natures daintiest decorations, flowers.  In every work the artists intention is to create a pleasing combination of color and form and emotion.

     The paintings below depict those images currently photographed by the curator.  Being digitally photographed images rather than true photographs the focus and framing is not exact in all cases, however they do convey a good representation of the piece. I plan on perfecting the technique and redoing where needed in due course.

      Enjoy this online gallery of her work and please let us know what you think in our Guestbook as well. Parties interested in acquiring originals or prints of any piece are welcome to email the Curator to make inquiry as to availability and pricing. Click on any of these thumbnail images to see a larger and less compressed view of that piece.


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