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Things of the Past, by Betty Justin

     Betty Justin was a New Jersey Artist, who worked in Fine Art Oil, Acrylics, Watercolors and Clay. Her childhood love of architectural and fashion design led to many happy childhood hours of drawing and an enduring passion for the Arts. Years later, after most of her own children were raised, she turned this passion into fine art, first as a self taught artist and then under the tutelage of well known Philadelphia and South Jersey artist Frederick Reinniger. She later became friends with and partnered together on many projects with noted Gloucester County Artist Narcissa Weatherbee, including the painting of the Hunter Street Bridge and various other murals and Arts and Educational programs throughout the County. She worked in art and continued to paint, sculpt and draw her art to the delight of many as well as teaching these skills to aspiring artists and school children until she went home to the Lord in 2011. She is missed by her friends and family, and lives on in her art. So please enjoy and, as Betty loved to say, Keep Your Sunny Side Up!

     Enjoy this online gallery of her work and please let us know what you think in our Guestbook as well. Parties interested in acquiring originals or prints of any piece are welcome to email the Curator to make inquiry as to availability and pricing.

  Landscape Room - A Series of Landscape Paintings

  Figure Room - A Series of Figure Paintings

 Garden Room - A Series of Floral Paintings

 Study Room - A Series of Still Life Paintings

 Aviary Room - A Series of Bird Paintings

 Plaque Room - A Series of Sculpted Wall Hangings

 Card Room - A Series of Greeting Card Paintings

 Play Room - A Series of Artwork for Children

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