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     The Art of Betty Justin is an expression of the things she enjoys, the things of beauty in the everyday world which give her pleasure. One of the things she and her husband often enjoyed was bird watching.  Whether this was on the Shores of New Jersey or along the rivers or lakes closer to home, they would often stop the car and pull over to enjoy the flight of a heron or the color of a song bird.  Binoculars were always handy for this and often a camera too.  At home a bird feeder and bath attracted their beloved cardinals and many other birds as well.  In 1997 a family of cardinals nested in our firethorn and brought joy and three new birds to our household.  This joy of birds has found its expression in some of Betty's artwork.  Although most of the expression has been in her cards, some avian paintings have found home on larger canvases as well.  These pages will show those works.  

     Enjoy this online gallery of her work and please let us know what you think in our Guestbook as well. Parties interested in acquiring originals or prints of any piece are welcome to email the Curator to make inquiry as to availability and pricing. Click on any of these thumbnail images to see a larger and less compressed view of that piece.


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