Biography of Emil Billitz

CCCman, Co 1220, Camp P-135-NY, Peekskill, NY / Co. 252 Camps NP-7-WA, Packwood, WA, & Camp Woahink Lake, SP-10-OR, Glenada, OR

         Emil Billitz, enlisted in the CCCs in New Jersey and served in Company 1220 in Camp P-135 in Peekskill, NY from Juky 23, 1940 to October 3, 1940. He then awiated re-assignment and then travelled on troop train to the west coast where he was assigned to Company 252, Camp NP-7 at Packwood Washington where he served from October 10, 1940 through December 1, 1940. The company moved to camp SP-10, Camp Woahink Lake, at Glenada, Oregon on December 1, 1940. On December 24, 1940 Mr. Billitz broke his back at the T-12 and was rendered a paraplegic. He was in Army Hospitals for two years. Then discharged from Hospital December 20, 1942.

----- From written entries on the last page of CCC Enrollees Handbook, which apparently belonged to Mr. Billitz, a Florida Address of a Mr. Billitz Sr. is on the page as well, it is not clear to me if this is the Enrollee or his father.



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