Martin Botsko

Pvt, Hvy Wpns Plt, Co B, 3rd Mar Regt, 3rd Mar Div, USMC

       My Uncle, Pvt Martin Botsko, USMC was from a small town in Western Penna located about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh named Van Voorhis, Pa. He served with B Co. 3rd Reg. 3rd Marine Division. I'm not sure what Battalion or what Platoon he served in but I have heard that he served in a heavy weapons platoon as a machine gunner. He took part in the invasion on 1 Nov and was WIA during the night of 6-7 Nov,1943 & died of these wounds on 7 Nov. Would like to hear from any Bouganville 3rd Marine that might possibly have known him.

-----  Bob Leyda


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