Biography of Archie Ceaser "Popeye" Chapmond

CCCman, Co. 810, Unknown Camp & Co. 3825, Camp SCS-3-Co, Hugo Colorado

         I am trying to find out anything I can on Co. 3825 Camp SCS - 3 - C , Hugo, Colorado. And to try to find some pictures on this company, or any stories that someone is willing to share with me about this company. My father Archie Ceaser Chapmond enrolled at Stapp, Okla. CCC Co.810 , 26 July 1935. And was sent to Co. 3825 , Camp SCS - 3 - C Hugo, Colorado.

         I know nothing about this except, I remember him talking about being in Wyoming at one time. And him telling me that while in the CCC he got the nickname of Popeye. Any papers, pictures, etc. were lost in house fire many years ago. So someone please tell me, where I go from here. I am willing to hunt, if I just know where. Thank you in advance for any information. Thank you.

----- E. Kilgore



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